Ten Things That Most Reputed Personal Trainers Want You to Stop Doing

Personal Trainers

It’s good that people these days are prioritizing health and fitness, and willing to do it in the right way, some also decide to hire a personal trainer.

But the challenge starts when they don’t take the classes as seriously as they should. Some mistakes which can cost heavily are either done because of other commitments or without the knowledge of the trainee. 

Your trainee is not your mother, so he won’t guide you in every little step. So, to reach your goal, we have laid down the top ten mistakes that you should avoid.

Top ten mistakes to avoid
  • Reaching late for classes

No personal trainer in Newcastle or anywhere on the globe would like to wait for you. So, when you decide a time, try to stick to it and value the other person’s time too. 

  • Not compromising with food

If you seriously want to get the perfect abs, it’s not just workouts that are going to help you. To lose weight, a typical training session needs to be clubbed with a sensible diet and an active lifestyle. 

  • Knowing more about physiology than working

Your trainer’s there to guide you, so all your reading can wait! You might be keen to know the basics of your physiology, but if you want to stay fit, start listening to your trainer, and discuss it with him when there’s a doubt.

  • Being in a hurry

Before mobbing to the intricate details, you need to build some decent overall body mass, without which your body won’t be able to bear the stress of rigorous workouts.

  • Don’t compare

Each person’s build-up is different, so stop comparing yourself with anyone, more particularly the fitness freaks – these people have put years of dedicated effort before being where they are. You can’t be like them in a few months! 

  • Working out till collapsing

Many novice exercisers tend to confuse pain with progress. While muscle soreness is normal for beginners, pain is a warning sign. Good trainers always pay attention to trainees’ body clues, so should you.

  • Body fat storage is the same for all

Each person’s body has some favored fat storage space, and it isn’t the same for all. So, to shed fat, you need to target your entire body and not specific parts only.

  • Can do it half-heartedly

Most people stuck a block because they don’t work out sessions seriously. Eating a calorie bar after 50 minutes of running is going to do more harm than good. 

  • Dietitian’s help is unimportant

Though a lot of valuable information is available on the internet, when it comes to food, you must refer to a dietitian. Keeping in mind your health condition, he can suggest a diet which will help you to reach your target sooner.

  • Chatting while exercising

If you want to catch up with your gym mates, do it after the classes. Chatting while exercising distracts you and increases your rest periods.

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