10 steps to rewire a lamp in your house

Most floor or table lamps last for years. However, over time, they may need to be rewired. This is a simple enough project that will help you reuse your lamp and save money on a new one. All you need to successfully rewire a lamp is a wire stripper, a utility knife, electrical tape, clean towels, pliers, screwdrivers, lamp rewiring kit (sockets, 18 gauge wires, 8-foot cord, and harp), and the following 10 steps. 

  1. Prepping the area: Keep your working desk clean and ready with easy access to the tools. Lay down towels to protect the lamp, bulb, and working surface. Make sure you have good lighting when working.
  2. Removing the shade and bulb: Unplug the lamp and remove the lightbulb. Unscrew the finial in a counter-clockwise direction to lift off the lampshade from the lamp.
  3. Removing the harp: Remove the harp, a metal stanchion holding the lampshade, by pushing two ends together while pulling it straight upward.
  4. Removing the base: Most lamps have a protective base to protect the tables and floor. Remove the protective base by gently prying it away from the bottom.
  5. Loosening the socket: Loosen and remove the screw at the side of the socket at the top of the lamp. In a counter-clockwise direction, unscrew the socket but leave it in place.
  6. Cutting and pulling the wire out: Cut the cord at the bottom of the lamp using a wire stripper (its cutting side) by leaving about 2 extra inches of wire. Hold the socket and pull it and the wire out.
  7. Removing the socket shell: Pop opens the outer socket shell using a flathead screwdriver. Remove the socket shell from the inner socket.
  8. Sliding in the new cord: Slide the new cord in through the centre post of the lamp, starting with the exposed end. Make sure to leave at least 6 inches of the cord at the other end of the post for better working. Secure the wires with Underwriter’s knot and trim the excess cord.
  9. Attaching the wires: If the end of the new cord is not exposed, use the wire stripper to strip the word. Attach the exposed wires to the new socket’s terminals. Screw-in the wires into the terminals using a screwdriver.
  10. Reassemble the lamp: Reassemble the socket and screw it in the lamp. Pull the excess cord out of the bottom of the lamp and replace the harp. Next, use glue to attach back the protective base. This is a necessary step before you test the lamp.


Lamp rewiring in Auckland is a simple enough project with the right tools and guidance. The 10-step process given above will ensure your lamp is as good as new, but ensure the lamp is unplugged before you start. Make sure you have the necessary tools and kits before you begin to avoid having to run to the hardware store to get the supplies. Finally, call in professional help when dealing with an old or delicate lamp to avoid damage.

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