Selecting a New Boiler? Salient Features to Consider Before Buying

Selecting a new boiler for your home is not difficult. There are a few suggestions that you should consider looking into. You have to focus on factors like the combustion system, fuel, energy efficiency, space, and requirements.

These factors are important, as they may vary from one boiler type to another. Before you select, you can search for an electric boilers installation guide. You can go through salient features and then select one that is best for your home.

The market is flooded with quality residential and commercial grade boilers. You may have to focus on price factor as well if you are budget-oriented. Making the selection of the right option is important for your satisfaction.

How do I Choose my Boiler

Fuel Factor

Boilers can be powered by different types of fuel. Even if it is running on electric power, still the rating may vary from one brand to another. New boilers are usually more energy-efficient. Predicting exact efficiency may not be an easy factor to predict.

You also have to consider the environmental impact. If the boiler is consuming excess power to heat up, then it will also affect the environment to a greater extent.


It is certain that whet ever you purchase should be energy efficient in the present time. A boiler that is highly energy efficient will also emit less amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Some genuine models will heat water much quickly in time and hence are energy efficient.

A more efficient system will also keep the water warm for a longer time. It needs to have an efficient storage unit.

Combustion Factor

In general, when searching, you will come across closed and open systems. These are two different types and work differently. Open types will depend more on the atmospheric oxygen to heat the water.

These types will need chimney access for eliminating carbon formed during the heating process. A closed system is usually concealed and does not require chimney access or vents. It is more of a storage type boiler.


The unit has to be installed in one place in your home. Bigger units are not convenient to install indoors. If you are planning to install the boiler in the kitchen or bathroom then you have to look around for a smaller unit.

The selection may also vary depending on the usability. If you have a big family then you certainly need a bigger unit installed at your home. For bigger units, it is advisable to go for floor units.


Your requirement may also vary. People who often live in cold zones will have to opt for a more reliable unit. Your requirements should be your main deciding factor. You also have to focus on the temperature requirement.

There are solar versions that are available in the market. But these are not ideal for places that do not receive sufficient sunlight during the day. 

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