Some Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Cooking Easier and Quicker!

No matter how busy you are, you have to always take some time out for cooking your food. Well, spending time in your kitchen is mandatory if you want your health and tummy to be in proper condition. But don’t you always wish that this cooking time would lessen and you may finish your kitchen work faster? Well, there are lots of time saving hacks for cooking. Let’s talk about those useful hacks today.

Super Useful Kitchen Hacks for Quick and Easy Cooking!

Today, everything is super fast – from your internet’s speed to your car’s speed. So, why let your cooking stay behind. Let your food be cooked faster too with the help of the kitchen hacks listed below.

  • Prepare breakfast for the family in a muffin tin — Want to prepare breakfast for half a dozen people at home? Why waste time in cooking separate eggs for everyone. Use your muffin tin and pour one egg with some cheese in each compartment and place them in the microwave and there you go! Your breakfast for 6 is ready in one go.
  • Prepare a cake in minutes — Craving for cake today for snacks? Then pour your cake batter in a mug and place it in the microwave for two minutes. Enjoy a delicious treat prepared in minutes.
  • Peel veggies with a spoon — Peeling veggies is an important part of your cooking and we know you dread the task a lot. So, why not try this hack of peeling the ginger, carrots, and radish with a spoon and achieve the goal in seconds.
  • Shake garlic in a mason jar for quick peeling — Well, peeling garlic and onions isn’t possible with a spoon. So you can always put them in a mason jar and shake them for 30 seconds. Now open to use your peeled garlic and onion quickly.
  • Use Japanese knives for quick chopping — Want to ensure that you cooking and chopping happens quickly and rapidly? Then don’t use a regular blunt knife. Invest in good Japanese kitchen knives in NZ from Artisan Knives. They have got an astounding collection of the sharpest of knives in excellent quality that are sure to make your work easier and quicker.
  • Freeze your coffee for quick use — Want to make your coffee shake quickly when the guests arrive? Just pour some black coffee in an ice tray and freeze the cubes. Now pour the same in a glass with milk and sugar and beat well to get instant cold coffee ready for your guests.
  • Cover the dough to avoid much kneading — Enjoying soft bread requires you to have super soft dough for the same. And getting this dough isn’t possible without kneading it for some good time. So, just knead it roughly for some seconds and cover it with a cloth for ten minutes. Your dough would be ready.

If you search for the right sources, you’ll find hundreds of such kitchen hacks to make your cooking easier and super-fast. Hope you’ll utilise them in your day to day cooking task and enjoy the extra free time! 


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