Are You being Taken for a Ride? Five Ways to Find a Trustworthy Motor Mechanic!

You are waiting in traffic, when suddenly your car sputters, makes some of the weirdest noises, and dies on you. What next? You take the car to a nearby garage; the person assigned to your vehicle starts tinkering around, lists out a couple of things, and hands over a two-thousand-dollar bill for you to pay.  You are flabbergasted! It seemed like your vehicle was in perfectly great shape before it randomly gave up on you! Should you let him get on with the so-called repairs suggested, or take a second opinion?

If you heard that inner voice of reason guiding you, to the fact that the truth might be stretched a little more than necessary, it’s time to take notes and find good mechanics in Rockingham. The Car Doctor has a reliable team of automobile experts, who offer a wide range of mechanical services such as check-ups, brake repairs, clutch and steering inspection, and much more with 15 years of expertise in the field.

5 ways to find a good mechanic

Have you ever noticed a car parked on the side of a road, with smoke bellowing off its bonnet? That’s the stuff that radiator nightmares are made of! While you are searching for radiator repairs in Perth, it would be best to brush up on knowledge about the common radiator problems faced by several motorists; whilst also trying to find someone to fix it. Here are some ways to find that trustworthy and knowledgeable expert to suit your needs:

  • Do Your Research: Figure out which automobile company has been servicing the call taxis, company vehicles and delivery vans in your area. You can go online and perform a detailed search, ask around in your community, and dig around a little. Most mechanics would have been around for years, and may also be the best kept secrets. Consider asking long-standing drivers of local transport, courier services and company cars. Ask your co-workers who drive about their experience with their mechanics, and if they can give you a recommendation. Online testimonials also help – but beware of paid and fake ones. Relying on trusted peoples’ word of mouth feedback would perhaps be safest.
  • Do Small Jobs First:  The best mode to understand the way your mechanic works is by making him do smaller, less expensive maintenance work first. This will give you a fair idea of his skills and expertise. You could ask him to change your air filter, align your wheels or perform an oil change. This will help you gain confidence, and you will understand his work ethics through this process. If you find it to be a positive experience, you can trust them with the bigger repairs.
  • Google It:  Most mechanics will charge premium rates for quality parts. But you should get suspicious if the charges soar sky high!  Compare prices, and you will know who you need to weed out. If you don’t know who to ask, just search for the prices online. Search for the type of repair needed, along with model and make of your automobile. You will find numerous car forums, where people discuss several similar topics. If you join their community discussion, you will be able to post your queries and wait to get them answered. All you need is to create a profile.
  • Check for Certifications:  You can ask them directly about their certifications, and check if the shop is certified as a repair facility. The good ones will be ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified. This proves that your mechanic has gone through training. But, please note that most of the best guys on the job know things through experience, and may not always have schooling credits to show.
  • Converse Directly:  When you are trying to understand the way someone works, the best approach is to be direct with them. Speak to the mechanic. You may have to go through the receptionist first, as they are the ones who ask you to fill up forms and assign your keys to the mechanic. Almost, everything that needs fixing is relayed through them. You can place a request to speak directly to the mechanic. This would give you a better understanding of what the issue is. This way you can gauge their straight forwardness and transparency.

These are some important things to look for. Did you find it informative enough? Hopefully you did! So, don’t be easy prey! Nothing is more important than finding the right person to perform the right job – be it fixing your car! With the proper knowhow, you know for sure that you can’t be taken for a long ride!

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