Is Your Tenant Leaving Soon? How to Make Your Place Ready for the Next One

Renting out a property on rent is an excellent way to earn money, and you will not want to lose on it. So, most of the times you will try to reduce the time gap between tenants, and you will want the tenant to start living as soon the old one leaves your house.

But, you also have to take care of the small but important aspects that make a property attractive to good tenants and is ready for rent. It is also important that you do the necessary repairs to meet the habitability requirements.

Tips to make your place ready for a tenant

  • Give it a Fresh Look

Invest some time and money on your property to de-clutter your house, clean it thoroughly, and apply a coat of fresh paint. If painting each room seems to be an expensive idea, paint the exterior and make sure that there is no wear and tear. Sprucing up your property is an excellent idea to attract a quality tenant who always prefers a clean home that they find impressive in the first visit.

  • Check and Service the Appliances

Checking the electronic devices before re-renting the house is one of the best practices, reduces the risk of accidents, and gives a good impression of you as a landlord. Check the water heater, turn on the gas oven, clean a load in the washing machine, use the dishwasher, and the other electronic appliances that are there in your house. If any repair is required, make sure that you get them done before your next tenant starts staying. 

  • Find out and Eradicate Mold

You are most likely to find the fungus in the following places:

  1. Dark corners of the laundry room
  2. Bathroom fixtures and tiles 
  3. Closets
  4. Carpets and rugs

You can either clean the carpets and rugs yourself or hire a professional bath cleaning company who can help you to get rid of mold.

  • Change the Locks

For the safety of your property and the new tenants, it is good to change or key-key the locks at the entrance. In case re-keying is not possible, replace them. 

If you are ready to invest some extra bucks, install keypunch locks, and save the recurring expenditure of changing locks at every turnover. You can simply reprogram them and get them ready for the next tenant.

  • Spruce up the Lawn

If your property has open space, pay some attention to it and get your lawn, garden, swimming pool area, and entryway. Trim the trees, clean the bushes, edge the walkways, and plant some fresh flowers to give a renewed and warm look to the house.

Painting the entrance door, and repairing the open area is a great way to attract quality tenants.

  • Explore the Rooms and Make Necessary Changes

Owing to the continuous exposure to water, some rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen are more prone to damage, so make sure that you check every corner of the room before you rent the house to a new tenant. 

Check all the cabinets, curtains, wallpaper, floors for cracks, and pipelines and electricity line for leakage or faults and ensure that everything is working perfectly. 

For a thorough check and an on-time repair, it is a good idea to hire the cleaning service from a rug and carpet cleaning Bath professionals. Their expertise can help you to resolve small issues which can probably result into substantial expenditure if not taken care.

  • Pay Special Attention to the Windows and the Drapes

Windows and curtains attract a lot of germs. So, it is crucial that you bring down all the curtains and dry wash them or put them in your washing machine. 

If you find any torn window screen, replace it. Also, check the frames to confirm that there is no bent or crack in them.

To keep your rooms bright with sunlight, it is vital to keep the windows clean; hiring professional cleaners is the best option for this task.

  • Restore the Flooring

To give a bright and refreshing look to your rooms, it is a great idea to stomp up the floor with a buffer and apply a refresher coat on it. It also increases the life span of the flooring.

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