The Best Way to Clean and Brighten Grout and Tiles

The grout between tiles can make a difference in how they look. You can make your wall and floor tiles shine again with this foolproof method.


For most tile types, a DIY grout cleaner can be used with warm water and dish soap. Although dilute Vinegar can be a good choice, it is possible to damage grout tiles with vinegar. If the solution is too strong, grout can be damaged and tiles may be etched. Use a microfiber towel to wipe it off.

Use steam for bathroom tile cleaning

It is likely that you will be dealing with more than just dirt and debris from the bathroom. Also, soap scum residue can make it more difficult to clean up. Next, heat the water for 5 minutes to make steam. The tiles can then be cleaned with a towel after waiting 20 minutes.

Clean the Grout Lines

It is time to look at grout lines between tiles. Its composition can affect how grimy it becomes. The traditional grout is made of cement and sand. However, there are many modern options like latex or other polymers that can improve the stain resistance. Then scrub the grout using a stiff bristle brush or grout brush. Use your brush to scrub grout with a circular motion. Finally, you can use a rag to remove excess moisture. Once the grout dries, it will look like new.

Why water works best

Rodderick states that water has a neutral pH (7), and can be used safely and gently for grout.

Stubborn Grout Stains Must be Attacked

If your grout is still dull, you can use a cleaner that has a neutral pH, such as Neu’s Tub & Tile Cleaner.

The Tile Council of America suggests using alkaline cleaners like Mr. Clean, Spicy, and Spicy to remove stubborn stains. It is important to wait for a while before you move on to the next grout line

Kill Mold

Bathrooms that have restricted circulation and high humidity can be a breeding ground for mold spores. Be sure to open a window after you shower to lower humidity.

You can seal your success

Sealers seal grout pores to keep dirt, grit, and mold out. It all depends on how much traffic it gets. Maker recommends sealing grout at least once per year in most areas. However, it is important to wait at least 24 hours before applying sealer or deep-scrubbing.

Make some daily adjustments

If you have any spots that are particularly filthy, Maker recommends that you put a rug down on your tile floors. It will protect your floors from dirt and debris and make it easier for you to sweep and mop frequently.

Bathroom maintenance

This will reduce grout-scouring time by half in the bathroom. This will remove humidity and moisture quickly and prevent mold growth.

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