AI Evolution: 5 Things We Can Expect from the AI of the Future

Most of us interact with AI on a daily basis without really being aware of it. The AP automation software that ensures your clients are paid on time, the chatbot that helps you find the page you were looking for on a website, the personalized ads that show up on your screen as you head to that page – all of these are examples of AI in action.

As we progress into the 21st century, we can expect to see AI become even more subtly woven into our everyday lives. Here are five other incredible things we can look forward to: 

1. Better care for the environment

Thus far, our advancement as a species has come at a great cost to the environment of planet Earth. However, AI is set to change all that. Though AI will work on many fronts to address our impact on the environment, one of the most interesting ways it will help is through sophisticated sensors capable of measuring, predicting, and prescribing solutions for everything from traffic congestion to pollution.

2. A personalized approach to medicine 

Our ability to collect accurate data about patients, their genetics, and other crucial factors is advancing by the day. With AI and Machine Learning (ML) enabling scientists to analyze vast data sets, this places us in a position where we will soon be able to provide highly targeted medical care for individuals. This means we’ll be able to switch more and more from the current reactive model to a healthcare system in which preventative care is prioritized. 

3. More engaging work for humans

The idea behind automation in the workplace is to support not replace human workers. As we grow used to the idea that software bots, robots, and Application Programming Interface-led automation can take over the bulk of our tedious repetitive work, humans should start to see a world of more engaging employment opportunities open up. 

While there may no longer be roles available for cash register operators or data entry clerks, new positions will open up. For example, instead of entering data all day long, you may be able to analyze that data and find opportunities to improve the efficiency of your company. 

4. Safer roads

While a completely automated transportation system is still quite a way off yet, it is certainly under development. Once AI is developed and widespread enough that autonomous vehicles are viable, we can look forward to a safer experience on the road. After all, AI never gets sleepy, bored, distracted, or drunk. 

5. More addictive entertainment

Like most of the AI upgrades on the horizon, there are both benefits and potential hazards involved. In the future, you can look forward to entertainment that’s highly customized to suit your personal tastes and that’s also far more immersive than what we enjoy now. 

While having precisely the style of entertainment you love on tap and in high-definition 24/7 sounds lush, there are, of course, going to be some unusual consequences. Many people are already struggling with smartphone and social media addiction. So, we can only hope that developers work on some ways to help us balance and mediate our consumption of next-gen entertainment. 

Though each of these AI applications took an incredible amount of hard work and human intelligence to create, they will soon feel just as mundane as the pavement we walk on and the shoes we walk in. So, take a moment now, while these concepts are still incredible to you, to appreciate just how wild the future is set to be. 

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