Not Just on the Floor, Let’s Seek Porcelain Tiles for Some Unexpected Places at Home!

Heard about porcelain tiles in home décor? Yes, these are one of the most used ones in home construction. But don’t we always relate these tiles as the one that is to be laid on our living room floor or on the outdoor deck? Come, let’s widen our knowledge. It’s a rarely known fact, but porcelain tiles can be used in almost every part of your home and that too where you least expect it.

Places at Home Where You’ll Secretly Find Porcelain Tiles.

Porcelain is a wonderful option in tiles that is absolutely functional and totally stunning to look at as well. Just ensure you are hiring the best professional experts of tiling in Auckland like ProFixing for the job. They have tremendous experience in the task, and they have knowledge about various kinds of tiles and their proper placements. Now let’s concentrate on various locations in your home that can be adorned with porcelain tiles:

  • Porcelain on countertops — Countertops are to be made with a material that is easy to maintain and doesn’t get damaged with frequent usage of water. Well, porcelain is the perfect material that is often seen on countertops because of these reasons. And what’s more, they are available in thousands of alluring designs and colors to spruce up your décor. 
  • Porcelain on facades —Porcelain shines glamorously on any exterior and gets washed clean during the rains! What could be more suitable then for your home’s façade?!
  • Porcelain for showers — You often don’t notice, but the porcelain can work wonders in your indoor and outdoor showers too. They look fabulous in your bath and astonishingly fascinating in your poolside shower as well. We mentioned before that they are resistant to water and moisture – but there is more: they are slip-resistant too! Of course, when you think of beautifying wet areas you should think of porcelain tiles.
  • Porcelain sidewalks and patios —Your sidewalks and patios look simply awesome with the gleaming frontage and diverse designs. The porcelain is also a solid skid resistant tile that makes it a preferred choice for sidewalks and patios.
  • Porcelain in furniture — Don’t frown reading about tiles in furniture. Imagine how convenient it would be to have porcelain tiles on coffee-tabletops and console-tabletops! Any spills or stains would be history! Tiles can also adorn your foyer or garden benches. They would look resplendent when inlaid along with wood on any furniture – headboard of your bed, frame your dresser’s mirror, create a pattern on your door – the options are endless – you dream it, and it can be a reality!

Now that you have found the mighty porcelain tiles in so many places in your home, we are sure you’ll be impressed. And the buck need not stop here. You could use them for a focal wall in any room, digitally embossed versions in your foyer to make it warm and inviting, 3D versions of them for a dramatic mudroom, and much more. Why not create a trend?! Try them in more out of the box places in your home and let everyone else follow!

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