What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection

When you’re looking at the insurance and protection of your house, you have plenty to think about. It’s about finding the most reliable homeowners insurance provider to suit your needs, finding a discount to suit your budget, and safeguarding your property and belongings. Not to mention the paperwork and other information that goes with it. You have lots of work to complete.

In addition the insurance company for your home might require you to conduct an inspection. A complete home inspection will cover all aspects of your house to make sure that everything is in order and secure. The inspection will only cover plumbing, electrical, roofing heating, as well as air cooling. Alongside the inspections mentioned above, you insurance company might require an inspection for wind mitigation.

This article will explain the types of wind mitigation inspections, what they is, what it covers, the amount it will cost and much more.

What exactly does an inspection for wind mitigation cover?

An inspection for wind damage evaluates the capacity of your home to withstand damage caused by wind. This can include damage caused by storms, hurricanes, and even high winds. There are a variety of aspects of a home which are inspected during this inspection.

  • The roof’s shape and the condition of the gable’s at the
  • What is the security of any openings like windows or sliding glass doors? wooden doors, as well as garage doors
  • The roof’s resistance to water
  • How well do the walls and roof are connected and stable
  • The structure and overall design of your house
  • The strength of any supporting column or attachments

The wind mitigation examination looks at the structure of your home, helping your insurance company assess the risk you face and how susceptible your home is to wind-related damage or storm damage.

It is vital to keep in mind that an inspection for wind mitigation does not cover every inch of your house.

To ensure the safety of your house, think about taking advantage of a full home inspection or a four-point inspection. The inspection will also look at other aspects like plumbing, electrical as well as the structure as well as heating and air and many more to ensure that your house is secure.

Do I require a check on my wind protection?

Insurance companies are known to conduct inspections of homes to help evaluate the risks of insuring you. It also helps them determine the rates and types of insurance you might require. Particularly if you reside in a state such as Jacksonville, FL in which storms and hurricanes are common Wind mitigation inspections are urged by the insurance company prior to they’ll even consider insuring you.

There are positive aspects of obtaining wind mitigation inspections.

Although it’s not mandatory (or highly recommended) however, it can help you save money. Recent research has shown that those who didn’t conduct a wind mitigation audit were more expensive on insurance premiums than those who performed. Although the initial inspection is costly however, a wind mitigation check could reduce your insurance costs over the long term.

In addition, it helps to ensure that you are safe. Particularly in an area at risk for winds and hurricanes and wind damage, a wind mitigation inspection will not only keep you secure by enhancing your protection, but also informs the homeowner if their home is secure. If you do not pass the wind mitigation exam then you’ll know what you need to do to improve the security of your home.

Although they are not mandatory for coverage but they do have to get some discounts. Also, considering that wind damage can amount 70 percent of the insurance premium, this could make a huge difference over the long term.

How much will it cost you?

The cost will vary based on where you are and the company you choose to hire, this kind of inspection will cost between $75 and $150. Although nobody would like to spend $100 however, this price could save you dollars in the end and will help secure your home and most valuable assets.

What should you expect from the wind mitigation inspection

Wind mitigation inspections attempt to identify any structures within your home that could be dangerous during a storm or hurricane. They assess factors like stability and the age of your home. is, what code was used when the house was constructed, the age of the roof is, as well as the extent to which these structures are maintained.

An inspector will be at your home and inspect the structures. They may also take pictures as evidence of how well maintained your house.

Be sure to prepare your home prior to the inspection

Prior to the time your wind mitigation inspection is over, take the time to plan and get your home ready. This means adding certain elements to your home as well as security features that are required by your insurance company or which will improve your safety.

Below are a few structures you can build and the features you should look over prior to you conduct your inspection.

Barriers to water

When a storm or hurricane hits your home could be susceptible to water damage. Water damage can cause havoc to your house. It is possible to be left with structures or floors that require to be replaced or repaired completely, or you might require addressing the issues with mold or mildew that are caused by flooding. Whatever the case, it’s essential to shield the structure of your house from damage caused by water by installing barriers.

You can build a water-proof barrier for your roof by examining it for cracks, holes or leaky spots. You can also check for shingles that are sagging. Replace damaged shingles or boards, and then seal them using strong-duty tape or waterproof sealant.

Anchoring of walls and roofs

When you first have moved into your house or built your own home at the time, you probably didn’t think about how the walls were fixed on the ground. But, ensuring that the anchorage is secure could be vital to protect your home.

If a floor isn’t secured properly, it could be damaged by wind or hurricanes, and could ruin your home and even hurt people living in it. Anchoring your home could be an expensive undertaking and takes quite a long time when you’re working on it yourself. But, it’s beneficial as it not just secures your family but also safeguards your largest asset.

Gable ends

Gable ends on the roof form edges which support the structure. In the event of a hurricane or windstorm your roof relies upon the strength and stability of your edges of the gable to avoid caves into. They are able to absorb the pressure of storms, and they can shift in time, making it crucial to the structural integrity and safety of your house to check the gable ends regularly and reinforce them if needed.

Window openings

To ensure that your windows are properly secured make sure you choose shatterproof glass that is able to stand up to pressure and damage caused by strong winds. It is also possible to install shutters on your windows to guard against strong winds and ensure your safety.


Another excellent way to prepare yourself for the wind mitigation test and be ahead of the requirements is to check your doors. There are doors that can be wind-resistant. They are more heavy than regular doors and are braced to provide extra protection. Additionally for garage doors, or sliding doors made of glass, it is essential to brace them as well or replace them completely in the event that you aren’t able to strengthen them.

What happens if I fail the test?

If you don’t pass the wind mitigation test If you fail your wind mitigation inspection, don’t worry about it. It will help you understand what you need to fix in your home and what aspects of your home can stand up to strong winds. If you fail to do this, you’ll likely have to repair your home’s elements that require reinforcement and arrange an inspection in the future to claim the insurance discount.

Jacksonville, FL as well as wind mitigation examinations

Inspections for wind mitigation are strongly advised in Jacksonville, FL. The weather in Jacksonville, FL can be unpredictable, particularly in the case of storms, hurricanes, and wind-related damage. Most insurance companies concentrate on the protection of wind-related damage and conduct wind mitigation inspections to assist determine how much coverage you require.

If you undergo an inspection for Wind mitigation in Jacksonville, FL it is possible to get discounts and drastically reduce the amount that you pay for insurance premiums.


A wind mitigation inspection can be an aid to be eligible for reduced rates or discounts for your homeowners insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance company might recommend the wind mitigation inspection conjunction with a four-point inspection or full-home inspection in order to get an idea of the amount of insurance you’ll need and the risk involved in the insurance you purchase for your home.

If you know the purpose of a wind mitigation inspection is and how to begin to reduce the risk of wind damage in your home prior to it happening to be able to pass the test and save cash on insurance!

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