10 Spots You Might Be Overlooking While Cleaning

With the onset of spring, it’s time to set aside winter lethargy and get on with thoroughly cleaning your house.

Even though you might consider yourself an meticulous cleaner, but are you?

Here are Some Spots that you might be Overlooking while Cleaning-

1. Under your furniture and appliances

The floor usually gets cleaned every day or every alternate day. But do you always remember to clean under your furniture and behind your appliances? Probably not.

These spots might also be avoided because they are hard to reach. While advanced vacuum cleaners might fail to reach these obscure spots, a traditional mop will be handy. With the help of a Kentucky mop bucket you can easily clean behind your fridge and under your couch.

2. Vents

The grates of air vents gather a lot of dirt and dust while filtering out air. And since air vents are often near the ceiling, they are easy to miss. So make sure you wipe them regularly and also promptly change the filters for fresh air circulation.

3. Baseboards

Even though floors are always cleaned. We often forget about baseboards. Baseboards should certainly be on your cleaning list. They gather just as much dust and dirt as floors do.

Using a damp cloth you can clean your baseboards in just a couple of minutes and make your house truly clean.

4. Window blinds and screens

Even if your windows are spotless, a dirty window screen will obstruct light and also infuse the air with dust particles. This will affect the overall air quality of your home. With the help of a hose or a window cleaning brush, you can easily get dirt-free screens and fresh air.

Window blinds is another overlooked spot. It’s also overlooked because it seems like a painstaking task. But it is important to clean them as they build up a lot of dirt. Just take a cleaning cloth and wipe every slat individually. This will take some time but it will significantly improve your home’s cleanliness.

5. Gutters

Gutter systems are usually taken for granted and get noticed when they are clogged. Dirty and clogged up gutters can not only cause water damage to your home, but also lead to mold, rodent and pest infestation.

By using a gutter cleaning machine you can avoid all these issues and ensure complete hygiene, especially during the rainy months.

6. Behind toilet and under sinks

Cleaning inside the toilet is an obvious task, but we often forget about the space behind it. If left neglected, this space can develop mold and bacteria that might be harmful to your health.

So remember to clear this area with a broom and use bleach to prevent any bacteria or mold build up.

7. Door frames and window ledges

Doors and door frames get caked up with dirt, which is usually overlooked. Similarly, while you might be meticulous with cleaning your windows, you might be missing the ledges.

With a microfiber cleaning cloth you should regularly wipe down you doors, door frames and window ledges.

8. Electronic devices

Many studies have shown that your mobile phone has more bacteria than a toilet seat. So don’t forget to wipe your electronic devices such as remote controllers, mobile phones, keyboard, mouse etc.

9. Switches and handles

Switched and handles are touched several times everyday. You should frequently disinfect them and clean them using antibacterial cleaners to prevent germs from spreading.  

10. Cleaning supplies

One of the major things you might be overlooking are the cleaning supplies. If you are cleaning with brushes and cloths that are packed with dirt and other contaminants, then cleaning might do more harm than good.

So make sure that you regularly clean and disinfect your cleaning tools and supplies and replace them often.

Hopefully, this list reminded you of some of the spots you might be overlooking. Happy cleaning!


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