Children with special needs and literature ecstasy

Children with special abilities in this country still require more attention from all parts of society. To help the family cope with their mental anguish, the general public must be more aware of these disorders. The world is divided into two parts: the external and the internal. We can have both, but those with these disorders will be deprived of the inner world. We can still bring the joy of the external world to these children by activating their inner world. These children have a very small inner world. I was able to see these children from close quarters while training at NIPCCD, Guwahati. Even if you lack sense or sensibility, their smile and look at you can move your world. This is often mistaken for a disease.

However, society and readers should be aware of many disabilities, such as Autism, ADHD, and cerebral palsy. These conditions aren’t diseases. They are known as MR (Mental Retardation). The MR children were born for a variety of reasons. Therapy of different food habits and activities is the main treatment. This neurological condition occurs when a mother is injured, smokes, or drinks during pregnancy. The child may also be born with this condition. This condition makes it difficult for children to socialize because the physical and mental age of the child remains disproportional. Their psychomotor condition, including the inability to catch a ball and hold a pencil, is not normal. Their nerves and other organs cannot perform the duties entrusted by the brain. The brain is less developed and cannot give complex commands. These children can create their world. They dream; they imagine. Literature can play an important role in their lives. Although the condition can’t be reversed, the learning process must continue for the benefit of these children.

These children love and can identify with the people they love. A short story, literature, or fairy tale can be used to help children conceptualize the world. Books with tangible pictures and toys can help stimulate their curiosity. A cousin of mine was very playful with soft toys. He would behave according to what animal toy he picked up. The therapeutic use of language and objects, simple math calculation, and the choice of good and bad food should be continued. They can learn a lot from movies but are fragile and cannot tolerate beatings, scolding or harsh behaviour. Brutal action, bloodshed, and killing can cause seizures. Let literature be the saviour of these children, who desperately need a world filled with love and fantasy.

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