Overcoming obstacles

I hope you will keep your spirits up in deep conversations we can have together for a while now. As you continue to read this subject, you will be able to relate your daily activities and chores to it. The talks I will give today are primarily about us and how we see or view things from many different angles. Are you averse to facing obstacles? Are you open to letting life make the decisions? What has been your experience with others’ ideas and inputs? Most of us have experienced many different life stages that present not only one obstacle but multiple obstacles at once. It can leave us confused, anxious, and unsure of what the next step will bring. We do our best to make the most of the work we have, allowing these obstacles to be overlooked for now.

It’s amazing how we stop dreaming big and are now focused on overcoming the current obstacle. This must have been the case with everyone or at least a few of you. This is why I believe I am correct. I was the only one on this journey. Many do this; we forget our priorities and run after the obstacles. It is a common mistake. Do you think about your goals and dreams after the fall? My answer is “No” because our problems are another by then, and we have completely forgotten our goals and desires to solve some temporary issues. They won’t happen by themselves and won’t be fixed or forgotten. We are the ones who make the difference.

We have many things we can achieve, many things to deliver and many lessons to learn. It’s easy to deal with things, trigger for, or go back to your original goals and chase them. Life is a matter of one chance. Let’s not ruin it, but run for it.

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