Empowering Employees – 5 Things That You Can Do To Keep The Morale Up In The Office

Being an employer or manager of a company, sometime you must have been curious about how strong the moral is among your staff. Obviously, you don’t have the time to run behind clues to get that; but you will get some idea by noticing your employees attitude and production quality. As there are no strict guidelines to follow on how to boost the morale of your employees, it’s best to act proactively regarding this matter.

Have a look at these five tips to boost office morale long before it becomes a problem.

Feedback is important

You can always start your Monday by querying your employees on what they feel is in office and what things according to them should improve to develop a better work culture around the office. Feedback has been proved to be a great gesture and will help you to show how much you value your employees.

Always be open to suggestions from your team leader and respective employees working under him or her to build their morale back in the state, and more importantly, allow them to be a part of the change. There are many items available online which you can use to check on regular feedback provided by employees. You can use a thing which is known as ‘card racks’. At the start of each month, you hand over a set of cards to each of the employee, which they can fill up and put it into the card rack at the end of each week to raise an issue about any problem that is causing a hindrance to their work.

Build in Breaks

Several kinds of research about employees suggest that too much sitting and continuous staring at screens can alter the physical and emotional abilities of workers. Allowing employees to take breaks after a certain period of continuous work can give them a chance to calm their brains and can create more focus on their work.

You can install a digital ‘time recorder’ in the office to let your employees know how much time they have invested in work. Alternatively, you can use bells and sirens to announce that it’s the time to leave your desk jobs and get some fresh air or play some foosball in the games room. You’ll be very surprised to know that taking a little bit of time away from the screens can help your employees to improve morale and productivity.

Teach them the value of time not force them

This is one of the most important points to have a look into. Most of the employers give a hard time to employees who couldn’t reach the office on time. As an employer, if you invest time on scolding and questioning employees about their late arrival, you will be wasting almost 1/4th of your day.

The best solution to this will be installing a ‘Biometric time clock( fingerprint/ Face ID recognition)’ and asking your employees to use that. Obviously, with the advent of technology, you will be able to track each of your employees’ office reaching time. At the end of a week, you can call in your employee who has a poor office hours record and can investigate into the matter. This will not kill the morale among the other employees.

Don’t forget to congratulate them

Always take your best time to recognize achievements and congratulate them on their performance and dedication towards the organization. It not only encourages them to continue performing, but also to give their all towards the goal of the company. Morale among the employees tends to drop when individuals feel that their hard work is not being appreciated. A simple email, call, or personal high-five can break the ice and can help foster a positive environment among the employees.

Eliminate Negativity

Employees who come into the office in a bad mood usually affects the productivity and behavior of the team members. You can avoid this negativity in several ways such as offering plenty of positive team-building activities. You can also offer various suggestions for positive approaches during reviews and other job-performance meetings.

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