Everything You Need To Know About Brow Lamination

This year, the trend of brow lamination has reached its height.

The word “lamination” might initially put you off this trend. However, that is not true. You can expect to see “lamination” as a completely different process.

Everyone knows how important eyebrows are. They’re the most important part of women’s daily makeup. The more bold and bigger, the better. There are many ways to achieve “the look”, but nothing will give you the catwalk/runway/red-carpet look like Eyebrow Lamination in East Village.

What it does

The Brow Lamination process is similar to a perm. It involves restructuring the eyebrow hairs to maintain their shape. It gives you perfectly feathered and even eyebrows that last a long time. The eyebrows are brushed into the desired position, and then lamination solution is applied. After the treatment, eyebrows should last up to six to eight weeks.

Take a Look

Let your eyebrows grow and resist plucking them. If you are a fan of big eyebrows, eyebrow lamination is the best option for you. It can hold thick bushy eyebrow hair in place.

It can be used by those who have smaller eyebrows to give the illusion of fuller eyebrows. This is what many people want.

Lamination is a proven way to enhance your eyebrows and add colour, without the need for any healing after-effects, such as microblading, which may affect your skin directly.

Let’s not be afraid of the word “lamination” and achieve “the look” everyone wants and deserves.

There are many different types of eyebrow treatments.

In this day and time, eyebrows are a serious matter. It doesn’t matter if your eyebrows are thin, bushy or arched. The most important thing is to make sure they look as perfect as possible.

Other treatments are available to make your eyebrows look and feel fresh.


Since the last three to four decades, microblading is a popular trend. This trend involves tattooing tiny hairs on your eyebrow to give the appearance of full and perfectly shaped eyebrows. As mentioned above, the side effect is that it takes time to heal and is semi-permanent. This can be good or not depending on your preferences. However, it has been reported that the pain is very low.


The treading technique is an improvement over waxing. The technique involves delicately removing brow hairs with two small threads. This is another procedure that will need to be repeated based on the rate at which your hair grows. However, if you are aiming for a naturally clean and tidy look then this is the way forward because it’s cost-effective, temporary and effective.


If you’re looking for a permanent solution to maintain neat and tidy eyebrows, then laser hair removal may be the answer. It can be tiresome to keep threading, plucking and waxing your eyebrows on a regular basis. Lasers are more cost effective in the long term, but they can also be painful. You may have to repeat the procedure several times before you see a permanent result.


This is the most popular method of brow shaping. This is a technique that is also used by many DIYers. There is the side effect of a bad shape scarring us for life.


Makeup is the best companion to plucking, shaping and tweezing. If all of these treatments are too expensive or you don’t have the budget for them, makeup can provide similar results.

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