How To Hire A Home Inspector

You’re about to make an important purchase. You are about to spend thousands of dollars that you have worked hard for. Spend thousands of hours repaying debts or digging into your savings in order to achieve this goal. Home Buying. Home Buying. The cost of a home in SW Michigan is currently $191,000 and it’s increasing each year.

What Happens After You Have Made an Offer?

You have just made an offer on a home, and you are now wondering what next. Now is the time to hire an inspector. You think to yourself, “Well, this should not be difficult.” I’ll Google Home Inspector in Edmonton, AB near me and choose one. You’ll find at least a dozen sites in your search results. Confusing. Now you go back and ask your friend, neighbor, or realtor for their recommendation. Great. You now have three or four more recommendations. Where to begin?

Start Here

Ask questions and make phone calls. Do not start by saying I need an inspection of my home, how much do you charge. Before asking any questions, you should ask what your charges are. You can ask questions like: What is your experience? How long have your been inspecting? What makes you better than the other inspector? Can I get a copy of an old report? Use you any special tools? What can I expect from the process? What is the procedure? You don’t mind if I come? When will I receive my report? What will be in my report? The inspection fee cannot be justified without asking these questions.

Ask Questions First

Ask questions first. The lowest inspection fee is a good thing. In most cases, it won’t. Inspectors who are well-trained and experienced know the value of their work. They know their value. In most cases, that doesn’t include the lowest prices in the market. Fun Fact. The average inspection fee is around 0.180% of your purchase price. This is less than 1% to protect your investment.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is simply a visual, non-invasive inspection of the property. This means that a home inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of the house based on the criteria that he or she has set. Michigan does not currently have any state guidelines on this subject, so it is up to the individual inspectors to determine their own. The SOP can be anything from the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors to nothing. We can be found here.

The roof, HVAC, and plumbing systems should be included in the inspection. It would also include exterior and interior surfaces. It is important to follow a set of guidelines. As a consumer, you need to understand what you’re paying for and how to use it.

The SOP for a home inspection is important because it specifies what is not included in the home inspection. Mold, radon and engineering are usually included. Fences, sidewalks, internal parts of water heaters and furnaces may also be covered. Both will be outlined in the SOP. Ask questions and read it.

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