Home Improvement Tips To Pass A Home Inspection

You may be more interested in the new place you are moving to when it comes time to sell your house than the many hoops that you have to jump through. We have some tricks and tips to help you pass the home inspection all sellers are required to schedule.

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You Must Be Honest With The Inspector

Tell the inspector about any serious issues you are aware of. In either case, the inspector is likely to find major problems and inform the buyer. You may be viewed as dishonest if you fail to disclose an issue. The buyer will not buy your house even if it passes inspection.

Check The Roof And Foundation

The roof and foundation of your house are the two biggest expenses when it comes time to plan a budget for home improvements. It’s vital to inspect both for signs of damage. Contact a local contractor if you see a crack. The contractor can tell you if the problem is minor or major and provide an estimate for the repairs.

Check Drainage

Make sure that all downspouts are pointing away from your house. Faulty drainage will quickly cause damage to your foundation. This can lead to larger problems. Downspouts should be 3×4 for homes located in areas with heavy rainfall. You can easily increase your downspouts if they do not meet these guidelines.

Get Rid Of Clutter In The Home

There are many areas that you may not have considered when dealing with clutter. From the boxes in your attic, crawl space or basement to the overflowing basement. You want the inspector to be able to move freely around your house to inspect things, but it is also important that areas less often used are easily accessible. The home inspector may be able to move heavy boxes or other items in order to check out what is needed, but it will take longer and make the inspector unhappy.

Document Repairs And Upgrades

Be sure to include all documentation if you have recently completed large-scale projects such as installing new flooring, appliances, HVAC systems, or other home improvements. You want to show potential buyers all of the improvements you have made to the house to get them to offer you a higher price. If the inspector finds a problem, you’ll have all the documentation you need to take it back to the contractor to find a resolution.

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