Office Cleaning: What Services To Expect

Cleanliness and sanitation are essential for a productive and healthy work environment. Clean and sanitized offices not only help to reduce the spread of bacteria and illness, but they also create a positive atmosphere for employees and clients. A janitorial company cannot provide this level of sanitization with a simple sweep or wipe down. It is important to hire a professional cleaning company to eliminate the germs that are hard to reach and difficult for you.

What Should Be Sanitized And Cleaned In A Office?

The office is the meeting place for employees, clients and, unfortunately, bacteria and viruses that cause disease. A typical desk contains around four hundred times as many germs as a toilet. Germs can be found in other areas of an office. What should you include in your office cleaning?

Bathrooms: The restrooms in an office are the area that requires the most cleaning and sanitation. No office cleaning is complete without regular and thorough sanitization. This will prevent the spread and growth of bacteria and germs. It is important to not only reduce bacteria on surfaces but also to ensure that paper products and hand sanitizers are stocked.

Surfaces: High-touch surfaces, such as desks and chairs, should be cleaned daily. This will help to prevent the spread of germs and remove dust. Weekly sanitation services can reduce or eliminate the spread of germs. Electrostatic spraying services, like the Freshone Virus Vaporizer ™, use a special germicide which adheres to both hard and soft surfaces. This germicide prevents germs from returning and makes your office healthier. It is important to use a professional service for germicides during flu season.

Office floors: The office floor is a breeding ground of bacteria and germs. A University of Arizona study found that the bottom of our footwear contains a large amount of bacteria and germs. These bacteria and germs can be found everywhere your employees walk. To keep your floors clean and free from dirt and debris, you must regularly vacuum and mop them. A deep cleaning with specialized equipment is sometimes required to remove stubborn stains or sanitize floors thoroughly. Mildew and odors can be particularly stubborn on tile and grout. Regular tile and grout cleaning is necessary. When tile and grout is properly maintained, it can reduce slips and falls.

Common Areas: Forget the bathroom, office break rooms and the kitchens could be the epicenter for office illness. People who are feeling unwell gather in the break room to touch surfaces like the microwave or faucet. Co-workers may also touch these surfaces, and spread germs into other parts of the building. A janitorial company may perform the basic cleaning, but a routine sanitization will take the cleanliness and germ protection to the next level. Freshone Services, a professional cleaning service, goes beyond a simple surface-level clean with services such as tile and grout cleaning, electrostatic spraying and more.

Professional Cleaning Services Are An Investment

Commercial cleaning companies, and not just janitorial services, have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly clean and sanitize a workplace. Commercial cleaners use specialized cleaning products and equipment that the general public does not have access to. They are also trained professionals with experience in handling commercial-grade products.

You don’t want your employees to be at risk. Absenteeism costs billions in lost productivity, according to research. According to, professional services lose over $24 billion in production each year due to absenceeeism. It is important to prevent the spread of communicable disease. Freshone Services is one professional office cleaning in Vancouver, BC company that ensures your entire office building has been sanitized. A professional cleaning service is an investment for your office building and your employees. Your investment in a professional cleaning service will pay off with interest. Here’s why:

Convenience: Instead of having to allocate resources and time towards cleaning, you can have a sanitization company handle the dirty work so that your employees can focus on their main tasks and responsibilities. Freshone Services will work around your schedule to ensure that cleaning is done outside of normal business hours.

Safety and Health: An office that is clean and sanitized is vital for everyone’s health and safety. It can help reduce absences from work and boost productivity. Employees who feel better work better.

Professional Appearance: A well-maintained and clean office leaves a good impression on visitors and clients. It can convey a sense professionalism and attention, which is important for businesses who rely on maintaining their positive image.

Freshone Services Gets The Job Done

We do more than just clean office buildings. Our Health and Safety technicians are trained to use commercial cleaning products that keep your office safe. Commercial cleaning is our specialty. We work with businesses of all sizes. Freshone Services has been trusted by businesses across North America and the United States.

Freshone Services has scientific benefits for businesses. We’ve conducted research in order to ensure we provide quality, beneficial office cleaning services. With the right commercial cleaning service for your business, we’re confident in our ability to keep your clients and employees healthy. Our office cleaning services are available in a range of options. When you pair these two services, your office will be spotless and sanitized.

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