How To Prepare, Stay Safe And Recover From Storms And Floods.

We are one of New Zealand’s largest insurance companies and we know the impact weather events can have on communities and families. That’s why we’ve compiled some information that will help you prepare, stay safe, and recover. By sharing our experience, we hope you will be better prepared to deal damage caused by floods and storms.

Recent national survey shows that New Zealanders are more concerned about weather events than ever before. The level of concern has risen from 45% to 83 % after recent weather events. Only 64% of the people in upper North Island, and 35% in lower North Island, were prepared for storms. We would like to provide you with more information about the claims process so that you can take action if weather warnings are issued in your area. Here are some things you can do:

Before: get prepared

Prepare your home to reduce the possibility of damage.

  • Secure large outdoor furniture and items. Turn trampolines upside-down to reduce the risk of lifting.
  • Move smaller items indoors.
  • Move valuables, appliances and furniture from the floor if you see water rising or if there is a flood risk.
  • Remove all debris from your gutters and drainage systems.
  • Download our checklist to ensure you are prepared for the next weather warning.

Stay safe and informed

Keep your emergency kit easily accessible and prepared to go if the need arises. Keep up-to-date with local weather warnings by visiting the MetService site and following advice from Civil Defence or local authorities.

Avoid using electrical appliances or vehicles that may have been damaged by water. Wear protective gear such as gloves, masks and protective clothing to avoid coming into contact with any dangerous substances.

The most important thing to do during a storm is to keep you and your family safe. Civil Defence offers the best expert advice for protecting yourself and loved ones.

After: Claim and Recovery

Logging into your My A1 Services NZ Ltd. account is the best way to begin the claims process after the storm. Grab your policy number to register if you haven’t done so already. We have a claims team that is available to take your call.

Visit our Disaster Claims Hub to get more information on recovery, including what to throw away and ways to manage property damage. When you are ready, you can find helpful resources that will guide you through the claim process.

Our video series on flood recovery will help you to dry out your property and make it safe for living.

Following a flood, you should take some safety measures and recover from the damage.

  • All floodwaters should be treated as contaminated.
  • Wear a mask and gloves.
  • If your home has been inundated, turn off the electricity from the mains.
  • Check it with a licensed electrician before turning it back on.
  • You can board up damaged windows to secure your property.
  • Do not drive any vehicle which has been flooded.
  • Photograph the damage to support your claim.

We can help you sort things out.

A1 Services NZ Ltd. team is here to help you get back on track. Please contact us immediately if you require urgent assistance or if your home is not habitable. We will then prioritise the claim. You might be covered by your policy for temporary housing. Please check the policy language and contact us to find out what assistance is available.

We have insurance and claim experts in Auckland and Hawkes Bay that can answer any questions you may have and give updates on weather claims. Three Claims Help Centers are located in Auckland, and two others in Hawkes Bay. We offer face-to-face assistance. No booking is required, simply drop by and talk to us. For more info about – flood recovery in Auckland.

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