How To Save Google Maps Directions For Offline Use

Life without Google maps would be like a Hamster sitting on top of the car and guiding the family to their destination. Irrespective of that being a joke or a reality, we must ask ourselves why Google maps are an irreplaceable mapping tool ever. To best answer this question we draw our focus 9 years into the past, a time when there were no Google maps, to a time when travelling far was meant for those who dared, a time when countless lost travelers stopped to pull out labyrinth scroll of map, a time when money was wasted taking a detour and yet here we are in the present times, confident about travelling any location, irrespective of the nationality or the language one speaks.

Suddenly everybody is a born traveler or at least smart enough to not being lost, all this because Google Maps revolutionized and redefined the way we use maps. Travelling is now more fun filled experience irrespective of the destination. Google Maps is one of the choicest of selections today when it comes to usability, readability and also technologically user-friendly. None of us are new to the Google Maps, period. But how well do we know to make best use of them?  This iconic Google product is power packed with features that it has no parallel in terms of features and choice of people. It still stands tall with a high rate of approval and ratings too. The Google Maps features are the most interesting aspect of this tool. The power of its features is enjoyable only if the user is aware how to use it right. So here we are trying to answer that question that sets Google Maps a class apart.

 How To Use Google Maps?

Google Maps is available on both desktop and mobile devices too. Although the core functions are the same, the interface varies vastly for desktop and the mobile devices.

We Will Be Dealing With The Desktop Version First

  • To use Google maps service online, you need a PC, internet connection and a browser installed.
  • Because it is not an application you have to install, it is convenient just to access the website and locate the destination on the map.
  • Start the browser; in the search tab enter Google maps.
  • In the results displayed, select the Google Maps website.
  • On the top left side of the page, you will notice the tab enter the address or name of the location. Enter the location and click search.
  • A red balloon will indicate the location of the address, and a drop box will specify the details of the pointed location, such as the address. If it is a local business, you will be displayed the contact details, the business hours, and reviews.
  • You can also locate the destination by clicking the directions button and entering the starting address and the destination or just save your search using save button.
  • Now that we know how to use them on the browser, we shift the focus on using them on your mobile handsets.

Using Google Maps On Your Phone

  • You will need a mobile handset that is Google Maps compatible, a data connection or WiFi.
  • Do ensure that you have the latest updated version of Google Maps installed on your phone. The older versions are better functional if they are updated, because Google releases frequent updates, and you may miss important features if you do not update your location app.
  • Once you start your app, you will notice a tab, enter the location and press search to locate them.
  • You can also select different view such as the satellite, terrain and traffic information along the route to the entered destination. A satellite view shows a detailed image of the location captured by the satellite; a terrain view is a geographical indication of roads and pathways.
  • You can use turn by turn navigation feature enabled on some devices by using the GPS to guide you to the destination. This feature performs a live update of your position on the map.

Now that we know the utilities of the Google Maps and how to use them appropriately on both desktop and mobile handset, I shall be telling you how to use Google Maps Offline. Did you know, to use Google Maps it is not necessary to be connected to the internet every time? In other terms, it allows its users to use the application without needing an active internet connection.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Use Google Maps Offline?

  • You need a Google Maps compatible Mobile handset, data connection or WiFi
  • Preloaded Google Maps or a freshly installed version in case you do not have it.
  • To begin using it offline, you may have to preload the maps first and save it onto your device so it can be used when needed.
  • Suppose you are planning a trip to a destination where you are sure you would not receive any signal to use the data from your phone, you can download the maps and save it into the memory of your mobile handset before the commencement of the trip, this is to be done before you make the trip, when you have an available internet connection. Then, once you have downloaded the maps, select the destination and confirm the route
  • Do not forget to turn on your GPS. Then begin the journey by disconnecting the data. This way you can use Google Maps offline too.
  • Although there is a minor disadvantage of using such a technique, if you decide to take a deviation it will indicate network lost. Then, if you opt to find an alternate path to the destination it becomes necessary to require an active connection to recalculate a possible path.

Making maps available offline is one of the key features of the Google maps that make it an iconic and most reliable choice of mapping service to most users.

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