Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking: Does it Work?

Most of the smokers would be happy, but they are addicted to a habit they hate. 

The adversities of smoking are not unknown to anyone. Even moderate smokers experience ailments such as panting while climbing a flight of stairs or a sore throat. Then there are other severe health hazards which can cause death too.

Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

The other motivations for not smoking are savings, for your kids, for better, glowing skin, to be fit more physically, etc.

But even after knowing the adverse effects of smoking and the benefits of not smoking, why can’t smokers quit their habit?

The reason is pretty simple. Addiction of nicotine has a far more profound impact than we know; it gets rooted in our subconscious mind. Anything like anxiety, tea-breaks, drinking alcohol, and a lot of other scenarios subconsciously trigger our brain to carve for cigarettes.

If you have tried all the options such as nicotine gum, patches, and other methods to help you stop smoking, but none has benefited you, don’t give up.

Do you know there is a way to “shut off” that voice in your head which spurs your desire to smoke? Or at least reframe your subconscious mind to think undesirably about smoking?

Well, that’s the promise of hypnotherapy gold coast to you for quitting smoking.

So, what do these sessions do?

Our subconscious mind is very influential, and they are responsible for forming our perceptions. So, to stop bad habits such as smoking, or any other addiction, or stress, we need to overpower the subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind influences our top-down responses. 

All the sensory information such as touch, feeling, smell, sights, and taste which we collect is sent to the brain. The raw sensory data which is carried to the brain is converted into a conscious impression. And this is when the brain shapes emotions and thoughts that result in our response.

So, when the mind receives a signal, it tries to think what’s happening and then creates a reaction which is based on those thoughts and memories. When our subconscious tells us that this action will work, we pass on the information back down.

This is why it is so tricky and nearly impossible to quit smoking.

Suppose you consider smoking as a mode of entertainment which you enjoy during your breaks – be it a tea break, or lunch break, or informal gathering with friends. So, every time you take a break from work, or any other activity, your mind will nudge you to light a cigarette.  

Hypnosis helps you gain control over the top-down response – it aims at eradicating the automatic response to stimuli that overpowers you and keeps your addiction in place.

For some people, one stop smoking hypnotherapy session helps them to quit smoking; whereas some others might need two or three sessions.

The therapist provides your mind with new thoughts and information about smoking.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

During hypnosis, you are in a state of trance, and your mind is more open to new ideas and suggestions. So, your subconscious mind is now isolated from the critical, conscious mind, which continually provides you with reasons to stay a smoker. Thus, it is more able to capture new information.

The hypnotherapist utilizes this state of mind to provide you with more positive suggestions that “stick.” In other words, we can say you are being provided with materials that act as roadblocks to the automatic, top-down processes that keep the addiction intact. 

So, the next time you experience a situation that triggers the urge to smoke, your mind does not react habitually – it takes a pause, slows down and listens to this new information that is fed in it.

One popular smoking cessation hypnosis technique is Spiegel’s Method. It focuses on the following three ideas:

  • Smoking is poisonous
  • It’s your responsibility to respect your body and protect it
  • You need your body to live

Hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone, specifically those whose subconscious mind doesn’t agree with him; it will never be able to impact your mind if you do not want to quit smoking.

But if you are ready to quit it, hypnosis is going to help you. 

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