The A-Z of Double Hung Windows!

For centuries, windows have been a crucial part of every home. From being the playmate of the breeze and airing out the house to being the pal of the sun flooding the home with cheery brightness — windows have never lost their charm and importance over the years. But yes, there have been inventions of different variants and types of windows over time. However, you will see that most of the time people prefer to opt for double-hung windows. These were and are trending amongst the homeowners due to their awesome qualities.

Lots of useful information about double-hung windows!

Double hung windows from Seaboard Joinery are really exceptional, for they tend to design the perfect windows suitable for your home and install them nicely as well. To resume about double-hung windows – these are ones that consist of two parts. There’s a divider that either keeps one of the parts open and the other closed, or both might be open as well. It is because of this factor they are so popular and extremely convenient as well. And this isn’t all — there are many other interesting facts about double-hung windows that you should definitely know about.

  • The advantages of double-hung windows — There are numerous plus points about double-hung windows apart from their excellent structural feature. These are very convenient to clean as you can open one of the parts and clean it from the inside. Apart from it, you get lots of sunlight through these windows — and of course, with the light, the air comes in abundantly as well. Apart from all these, you can even customize double-hung windows as per your choice and preferences. They look fabulous in any kind of decor and you can get them in any size you like.
  • The disadvantages of double-hung windows — Though the benefits of double-hung windows are really enticing, you have to be aware of its cons as well. Remember, when you opt for double-hung windows, your budget shoots high up to some extent. Apart from it, they are slightly less sealed at the corners. So, there is a chance that you might get some pest infestations and air leakages when you install these.
  • The sizes available in the double-hung windows — It is important to know that you can get double-hung windows in standard sizes and customized patterns as well. The standard size ranges from 24- 24 inches and 48 – 72 inches in both square and rectangular shapes. And if you want to customize the same, you can opt for any measurement that is suitable for your house and get it done easily.
  • The materials required to design the double-hung windows — If you intend to design a double-hung window, remember that there are two main materials used for the same. Either you can opt for wooden frames with glasses in between, or vinyl would be the other option. While wood is a long-lasting solution, but it often limits you in color and shades. On the other hand, vinyl lets you explore dozens of hues when designing your windows.

Now you are as knowledgeable as a pro about double-hung windows. So, let us know, do you intend to install double-hung windows in your home or not?

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