The Top Things Home Inspectors Look For

Home inspections can be a crucial step in the buying process, as they allow buyers and sellers to identify any safety or repair issues. One of the most frequently asked questions by real estate clients is “what do home inspectors look for?” The best Home Inspector in Sea Girt NJ all have the same mission: they are looking for any problems inside and outside the home that could be alarming and worrying for potential buyers.

This article highlights some of the most important items that inspectors will look for when they inspect a house to discover the level of curiosity associated with this subject.

What home inspectors look for

HVAC System

Home inspectors assess the HVAC system. A new HVAC system can experience problems. Often, these problems are easily and cheaply solved, like cleaning the air filter, or fixing clogged vents. To increase the efficiency and lifespan of an HVAC system, it is recommended that filters be changed every season.

A typical HVAC technician tune-up costs between $70 to $200. It will ensure that your system is running efficiently. If you notice temperature fluctuations or increased energy bills, consult a HVAC company for repairs.

Plumbing System

The inspector will then inspect the plumbing system. Home inspectors will check the toilets and sinks as well as bathtubs, showers and water lines. The toilets’ flappers, levels, and filling systems will be tested to make sure they work correctly. The technicians will also ensure that your pipes and hydrants outside are free of leaks and provide you with adequate antifreeze protection. They will also check the temperature of your water heaters, their pipes and the pressure relief levels.

Electrical System

The inspectors are very careful to inspect the electrical system, as it is the third leading cause of house fires. Safety is their top priority. Inspectors check for corrosion and amperage ratings, and they inspect the electrical panel in order to make sure that the wiring is up to code. Electrical problems include aluminum wire-painted outlets and faulty GFCI protection.

Roof, Attic and Insulation

Professional inspectors can tell whether a roof has been built by an amateur, or a professional. He will check to make sure that your roof is well-built, does not show signs of aging, and protects you from the elements. An inspector will also ensure that all openings such as skylights and chimneys are properly flashed and cleaned of debris and moss. As part of the inspection report, an inspector will estimate how many years of roof life the roof still has left before it needs to be replaced.

Inspectors will also inspect the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room for visible ventilation and exhaust systems. Problems with attic insulation and ventilation can increase utility costs and decrease comfort.

A leaky tap is a relatively simple problem to fix. However, a roof that leaks can cause more serious problems. Find a roofing inspector who can inspect your roof to fix it if you’re worried about its integrity.

Foundation Issues and Structure

Inspectors are particularly concerned about foundation and structural issues. Inspectors look for settlement problems, slope issues, and foundational fissures. Water in soil near your home can cause foundation problems and allow water to enter the building. This could lead to termites, mold and deterioration.

Sea Girt NJ home inspections are performed in crawl spaces and basements. They look for moisture and pest activity as well as problems with insulation, construction and foundation. Home inspectors check not only the foundation but also the walls, the floors and the roof framing. They pay close attention to signs of insect or water damage.

Insects and Pest Infestations

Inspecting for insects and pests that could financially threaten you is a part of the inspection process. Wood-destroying insects such as termites and Carpenter ants can cause serious damage to your home’s structural integrity. Carpenter ants are attracted to moist, rotting wood and enter through cracks around windows and doors. Termite activity can be detected by mud tubes, missing wings and hollow sounding wood. Termite control costs range from $200 to $1000.

When is the home inspection?

Home inspections are often considered at two separate times. You will likely ask for a home inspection if you are a purchaser after you accept your offer. If there are significant structural flaws, you can reduce the price of the home.

Ask the seller to make all the repairs, so that the house is ready for you to move in when you purchase it. Remember that the seller can pick the least expensive option if they are left to do the repairs.

If you are a home seller, it is important to have your house inspected. You will then be able identify any repairs that are needed before you show your home to potential buyers. A home inspection could help you avoid lengthy negotiations with a buyer regarding repairs.

Regular home inspections will help you avoid costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. Home inspection lighthouse provides one of the most comprehensive home inspection services. We use professional inspectors to inspect your home from every angle, so you can be sure you’re buying or selling the right house.


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