Many people find that brows are the most time-consuming part of their morning routine. It can take a lot of time to create a good set of eyebrows.
The benefits of microblading are many.

What is microblading?

Ink and needles are used to create the appearance of hairs on the skin. They can make eyebrows look fuller and more even.

This is the latest trend and it’s growing.

Still not convinced? You might be convinced after reading about the many benefits of Microblading Services in Calgary.

Not Low Maintenance – No Maintenance!

You can easily make your eyebrows less maintenance by doing a few things in the morning. You can wax or thread them, or have them dyed.

You’ll need to fill in your eyebrows in the morning most of the time. Even eyebrows which are regularly waxed and colored still require some maintenance each morning.

You don’t even need to touch the microblades. You can save hours on your makeup routine by having them be perfect, full and symmetrical. What more could you want from a cosmetic procedure?

The results last a long time

The majority of eyebrow treatments last six to eight weeks. The tinting can fade sooner than expected.

You still need to have them done, even though they will be easier to maintain for a while. This can be a pain – you have to budget time and money for maintenance.

How long do microblading treatments last?

Microblading lasts anywhere from 18-30 months. It will last longer if you take good care of it.

It is still impressive to think that you can go 18 months without touching an eyebrow pencil. Imagine not needing to use an eyebrow pencil at all for 18 months!

These are waterproof!

Microblading is waterproof, as it should be obvious.

It can be annoying to see how quickly make-up disappears when you’re at the beach, at a pool party or in the rain. This can cause someone to feel self-conscious if they don’t want to go bare-faced.

Even if your mascara and foundation slip off in the rain or water, you will still have perfect eyebrows.

Simple and safe

Tattoos can be intimidating in general. Those who have a low tolerance for pain or are not good with needles may find it difficult to get a tattoo.

You don’t need to worry. Microblading has been deemed safe. Unhygienic practices are the only cause of possible side effects such as infection.

It is important to do your research before you begin any procedure. When you Google “where to get Microblading”, do not pick the first results near you. You should take the time to read reviews and look at everything. If possible, you can even visit the location. You can then be sure that the place is clean.

Other fears people have about pain are usually unfounded. The pain can be a bit uncomfortable, but it is not so bad that people will never return. Most people are surprised that it isn’t as painful as they thought!

You can ask your tattoo artist to let you feel the needle before they put ink on it if you are nervous. Tattoo artists often do this for those who have never had a tattoo.

The Results Look Natural

The worst thing that can happen to those who dye and tint their eyebrows is for the results not to look natural. You can easily overdo it and end up with blocky eyebrows, which look like they were drawn on. This is not what most people want.

It’s nearly impossible to get a result that looks unnatural because microblading draws on each individual hair. Each hair is unique, just as with real eyebrows, and there is no dye.

Ask the person who will be performing the procedure for pictures of their previous microblading work if you are nervous. People often have portfolios or post before and after photos on social media. They should be happy and able to reassure you about the final result.

You’ll be glad you paid the price

The price is another thing that may scare some people.

There’s no doubt that microblading can be expensive. Prices vary depending on the location and who is doing the work, but expect to pay several hundred dollars for a good job. It’s a fact.

You’ll also save money by not buying eyebrow products. It’s likely to turn a profit after 18-30 months!

It’s vital to carefully follow the aftercare instructions to get the best results from the procedure.

Microblading Has Many Benefits!

It’s worth it to invest in microblading. What could be better? You can save money and time while getting a set of beautiful, symmetrical waterproof brows every morning.

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