Why Should I Get a Post-Repair Inspection

Unfortunately, today it’s difficult to know the quality of repairs to your car. After a collision it is crucial for your own safety and the security of the passengers to have the repairs are examined.

When you select an auto repair shop to do post-collision repairs, your expectation is that they repair the car back to its original condition prior to the collision. Repairs are made to the car’s body, safety systems, the moving parts mechanical and electronic systems and finally the car’s paint.

Our technicians conduct post-repair inspections as a standard element of each job. Why? Read on to find out more about post-inspection repair and why we see them as essential.

What is a Post-Repair Inspection?

An inspection after repair is a test performed by a different person than the individual who carried out the repair. The primary goals of this process is to verify that the car has been inspected for safety and it has returned to its pre-collision state. A third party performing this task is essential in ensuring that nothing gets not done.

When is a Post-Repair Inspection Recommended?

We perform this procedure every time. This is how we do business here. But not all auto body shops do this in the same method. Inspections after repair are an essential aspect of car safety and act as a third level of protection for vehicle owners. Particularly, an inspection is recommended if:

It is essential to verify that a vehicle was repaired in a safe manner and is roadworthy.

You are uncertain about the repair’s quality or the components that were used to repair.

The repair shop isn’t willing to take apart the vehicle so that they can properly evaluate the extent of damage caused by collision.

There are indications that the vehicle isn’t operating correctly or looks different from what it did prior to the collision or repairs.

It is necessary to seek an assessment of lower value to which a car owner is owed.

These are good motives to choose a reputable car body repair service, and to request an assessment after repair on the car. In general, it is important to be aware if you spot evidence that the repair facility does not have the professionalism. It could be reflected in an inability to explain the repair completed or not offering warranties on the work that was done.

What is Involved in a Post repair inspection in Gadsden Al?

When you bring your car to be examined These are the steps that technicians from auto body must go through to determine the quality of the repairs done.

The first step in making a post-repair repair is to obtain the copy of the car insurance estimate as well as the estimate of the auto repair from the repair shop. When they inspect the car they will then compare them to the work completed.

The auto body expert will evaluate the level of repairs and replacement components.

Then, they’ll perform an inspection panel-by-panel to ensure that the auto body components are aligned correctly.

Utilizing a thickness meter for paint using a paint thickness meter, they can verify whether the painting (if required) was properly executed as well as ensuring that it is finished evenly.

The technician for auto body will then remove interior carpets and panels to examine repair work that might be concealed. Some of the items on his checklist include examining the welding work along with rust protection measures, and alignment.

If there were any red flags spotted during the initial steps of the inspection The technician will suggest the full post-repair check. If not the auto body repair shop will notify you that your vehicle has cleared the inspection.

It’s important to know that car owners aren’t accountable for the cost of fixing a defect in a repair. Auto body shops who carried the post-repair examination will notify the insurance company. Insurance companies are obliged to cover the cost of any parts or labor needed to make sure that the vehicle is in good repair.

Why are you concerned About Car Repairs?

In the past few years, car repair chains as well as network of insurance brokers have put more emphasis on fast repairs while reducing the cost for companies. For a lot of these multinational companies, profits are the primary goal. The sloppy work and the cutting corners such as using parts from aftermarket suppliers could, unfortunately, result in unsafe or unreliable repair work to your vehicle. The sole way to stop this from happening to your vehicle is to have an inspection following repair.

Find businesses that offer Direct Repair Programs (DPRs) or that are part of the largest insured networks. If done correctly and to ensure the safety of each service we take care of repair work on cars can require longer. This is the reason we recommend that owners of cars choose local, family-owned and independent auto body shops right from the very beginning of the repair procedure.

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