How To Clean Urine Stains on Persian and Oriental Rugs

Pets play a major role in people’s daily lives. Pets provide companionship for those in need, and many people become as attached to their pets as they are to close family and friends.

Studies have shown that pets can be great for your mental and emotional well-being. They can reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

Pet ownership comes with many benefits, but also a great deal of responsibility. Maintaining a clean home is essential to keeping it nice.

This particular task can be particularly challenging when it comes to pets that are younger or have potty-training difficulties. The smell of urine in the home can be unpleasant and costly.

It is particularly important if you have expensive rugs which may get damaged. For example, the Persian and Oriental rugs found in living rooms and hallways.

We want you to understand the importance of cleaning pet urine from oriental rug. Next, you need to know how to clean them effectively and gently while maintaining their delicate texture and color.

Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs are beautiful, high-quality carpets. No matter where you place them, these rugs will add beauty to your home. They are made with fine detail and skill, which is what gives them their value.

The majority of patterns feature beautiful floral and garden designs that reflect the rich culture in Persia.

The rug is made to be as sensitive as any other textile handmade by adding each knit precisely and with skill.

Due to their dense texture, these rugs tend to collect dirt. They need to be cleaned regularly but gently, in order to prevent dirt buildup and avoid unnecessary wear on their fabric.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental Wool Rugs are a product of Asia and the Middle East. These rugs come in beautiful colors, which often have symbolic meaning. These rugs are often a reflection of the culture and history of the weavers. They pay close attention to the balance between hues and shades.

A unique Oriental rug can be very expensive because of these factors and the fact that it is made with natural dyes. It’s all the more important to treat it with care.

As with Persian rugs, a basic vacuuming is required. Oriental rugs, however, are particularly sensitive to cleaning agents because they use natural dyes.

Chemical Composition Stain

No matter what you try to clean, a urine stain can be difficult to remove. Even after the stain has been removed, an ammonia smell is left behind.

The fact that this fluid is organic, which means that it contains enzymes, fatty acid, etc., intensifies the odor. This makes it more difficult to remove from carpets or other textiles.

Effects on Human Health

Exposure to pet urine can have negative effects on both the pet as well as its owner. It is therefore important to keep it clean. These fumes are not only unappealing, but they can also make animals and people sick if not treated.

If left unattended for a long time, the ammonia and other microbes can cause irritation to your skin or eyes. Cleaning up urine stains can be especially important if you, your child or pet is prone to allergies and respiratory infections.

The Effects of Fabric and Furniture

Urine can also damage the carpeting, rugs and furniture. The liquid can easily penetrate flooring, fabrics, wood, or plastic where your pet has relieved itself.

Why does this damage go beyond odor? The salts in urine attract moisture. Moisture can cause floors and other solids to become infected by unwelcome bacteria.

The mold that your pets or children, your shoes, and your other home items come in contact with can spread throughout your house.

What can you do to prevent this stale, germ-ridden disaster?

Cleaning Compounds

We recommend a few mild cleaning products for people who want to do it themselves and remove urine stains. We trust the following cleaning products:

Cold Water & Soap

Cold water and dish detergent is the first mixture you should use. Remove the carpet first. Put it in a place with easy access to water.

Garages are a great option. Mix cold water and soap in a container with a soft bristle brush. Remember that this could take some time. If you are gentle, the rug will not be damaged.


It is easy to use cornstarch in this procedure. Sprinkle it on the affected area. Be sure to apply a thick coating. Rub it lightly with the brush.

Let it sit for a few hours so the cornstarch has time to soak into the stain. To reduce the smell, you can spray water on the cornstarch.

Vacuum the surface once it has dried. Once the residue is removed, you should have a carpet that’s odorless and clean.

Towel Sandwich Method

To absorb liquid, begin by blotting affected areas. Two dry towels should be placed both underneath & above your rug.

Place heavy objects on top of the towel. This will increase liquid absorption and pressure on the towel above.

The method only works for clear liquids. No cleaning agent is used to remove color stains.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another natural cleaner. Baking soda is a cheap and effective way to eliminate odors. It neutralizes urine’s acids.

The procedure is simple. Sprinkle the baking soda on the dirty area. Scrub the spot gently with a damp sponge, and then leave it overnight.

Vacuum the area again the following morning, using cornstarch as a paste. The odors should be gone.

DIY Summary

When it comes to DIY rug cleaning, these natural compounds are effective. These methods aren’t effective all the time.

To avoid damaging the fabric of your beautiful rug, these methods should only be used occasionally. If you want to get rid of stubborn stains or deep clean your rug, it is best to hire professionals who are experienced in handling delicate fabrics.

Professional Cleaning

Urine stains can be removed by professional cleaning. Experience is important when cleaning expensive Persinal or Oriental rugs. Always use cleaners that have been tried and tested.

We promise to treat your carpets and rugs as if it were our own. It is particularly important to treat hand-woven fabrics with natural dyes with the utmost respect.

There are five methods that we use to clean rugs professionally:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Encapsulation
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Dry Compound

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is the best option for your expensive rugs. Encapsulation carpet cleaning helps isolate and suspend any urine in your carpet. You can then easily vacuum it up.

Scrubbing will push the urine into the rug. Encapsulation deep-cleaning methods cover every layer of the rug.

It removes all dirt and organic matter, including pet urine. As a result, our customers are left with rugs that have been thoroughly and deeply cleaned. There is no risk of the stains or smells returning.

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