When you are remodeling your house, you don’t want to learn the hard way. Making mistakes is frustrating, costly, and wasteful of time. This list of six things to avoid when renovating your house will help you learn from the mistakes.

Do not skip the permits
Permits for kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovations will depend on where you live and your circumstances, but they are required. Permits ensure that the work is done to a standard you can trust. You don’t want your home to be unsafe because of substandard workmanship.

Don’t Measure Once
Everyone knows this, but we tend to be impatient and just hope for the best. Getting your measurements right will save you time, money and stress. Why would you not do this? Cut once, measure twice.

Do not leave wires exposed
You don’t see wires sticking out of walls very often, but laziness in renovations or poor workmanship can make it look okay to do so. Even in the wall, wires need to be covered due to mice, weather, insects, fire hazards, and other potential problems.

Don’t leave your old floor down
It will be worth the extra time and cost to remove your old flooring to install your new one properly. This will almost always lead to a floor that is uneven, or the old floor could force the new floor to move out of position. You’ll have to do everything right eventually, so it is better to do it correctly the first time.

Use standard outlets in your bathroom
Outlets that are standard bedroom wall outlets cannot be used in the bathroom or near water. The outlets must have a ground fault circuit interrupter, which will cut the electricity if they ever fall into water. When it comes to safety, don’t take any chances.

Use a cost-effective tape or glue instead
Standard tapes or glues are not the best option for kitchen or bathroom remodeling. If you need to adhere something to the home’s structure, then you will also need specific tape or adhesive to get the job done. Even if they are cheap, duct tape and superglue is not always the best idea.
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