Top 10 Things That Fail A Home Inspection

  • The Roof

Roof damage is one of those things that can make or break a home inspection. The roof is one of the most costly to fix.

Most home inspectors look for a roof that has at least 3 to 5 years left in it. We have an article about roof life expectancy.

Home inspectors also look for signs of damage, leaks and unprofessional repairs.

  • HVAC Issues

HVAC problems are number two on our list. HVAC systems may not be as costly as roofs but they are much more common.

What is HVAC?

The cost of replacing HVAC systems can range from $5,000 and up, depending on their size and type.

Home inspectors will test the cooling ability of the A/C during the inspection. They look for a difference between 14 and 24-degrees (that’s the temperature difference between the air entering the unit and the air leaving it).

Home inspectors also test for heat, look for mold, leaks in the condensation lines, ductwork damages, and other issues.

  • Electrical Issues

It’s hard to believe that electrical standards have increased so much in the last 30 years. Older electrical systems can be affected by issues due to outdated panels and updates in electrical requirements.

Home inspection reports, mortgage requirements and insurance policies all include electrical concerns as a top concern.

Most electrical problems are caused by outdated panels, fuseboxes, aluminum wiring and cloth wiring.

Hire a licensed electrical contractor to ensure that your system meets today’s standards.

  • Water Infiltration

Water can enter a home through the roof, windows or siding. Water intrusion usually leaves stains or other signs that water is entering the house.

Thermal imaging and moisture meters are used by home inspectors to test for water intrusion.

Keep vegetation away from your home. Paint the house and look for water stains as evidence of water intrusion.

  • Mold Issues

Mold problems are caused by water and food sources. If a roof leak is not fixed, it can cause drywall to be constantly damp. Mold can grow in these conditions.

Regular home maintenance will help prevent mold problems.

  • Structural Settlement

The foundations of older homes or homes that are not maintained can cause structural settlement.

The structural settlement of your home can be identified by cracks larger than 1/8 inch, automatic or non-automatic doors, sloped flooring, etc.

It is important to drain water away from the home in order to prevent settlement. Water draining towards your home can move the soil that your foundation is built on.

  • Termites

In humid regions like Hope Mills, NC, termites are common. Termites prefer wood that’s slightly damp.

Home inspectors often find termite infestations in homes that are not well maintained and have water intrusion problems. Home inspectors do not have a license to report on termites. Some inspectors are licensed to report on termites. Sometimes, home inspectors outsource pest inspections.

Hire a pest management company to perform termite inspections and treatments. Also, maintain your home regularly.

  • Grade Issues

The slope of the soil next to your house is a major factor in grading. You will want water that falls on your roof to flow away from your house.

Make sure that your grade slopes away from your house in all areas. Installing gutters or gutter extensions can also help direct water further away from your house. Mulch and vegetation kept away from the home will help dry wet soil faster.

The control of water flow is a great way to improve the conditions that cause these things to fail an inspection.

  • Missing Insulation

A home that is not properly insulated can be less energy efficient, and more hot/cold. Add insulation to attics, crawlspaces and other places where the interior walls are exposed to the outside environment.

  • Drainage Pipes

In today’s houses, drain lines such as cast-iron and Orangeburg pipe are a major problem. Unfortunately, both types of drain pipe will eventually fail, causing structural problems, backup sewage and other issues.

Final Thoughts

A home inspection doesn’t need to be stressful. Consider a inspection before listing your home to find out what the buyer’s inspector will discover. Hiring a Home Inspector in Hope Mills, NC who is highly qualified can help you find problems and address your concerns when purchasing a house.


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