Q & A Blog With Seton Scott – Director/Senior Physiotherapist At The Corrective Clinic Physiotherap

Seton Scott isn’t the standard physiotherapist. With more than 12 years of working experience in the field Seton Scott is a unique expert on what physical therapy really is and the most effective way to do it.

His method is to make people the main focus.

His clinics are rapidly expanding and offer an innovative and individual method of traditional physiotherapy, not just treating injuries, but also preventing them and encouraging optimal health by stimulating, motivating, instructing and stimulating.

We had a conversation with Seton about the philosophy and the motivation behind Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy.

What benefits can physiotherapy provide people?

“Physiotherapy is an incredible method of providing healthcare for people. Naturally, we deal with injuries and illnesses and assist people in getting back to sports, work and other activities they enjoy. Many people don’t realize that the power of physiotherapy can be utilized to prevent, keeping the body and mind in good shape.”

What makes Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy distinct from the other practices?

“We’re different in many ways.

Most of our sessions last 60 minutes long, a bit more than the majority of clinics. We can’t even take an adequate shower in 20 minutes. How do you possibly fix an injury within that time? The longer hours mean that we are able to provide greater and more effective treatment and we also have the ability to connect in conversation with clients. be aware of their goals and concerns, and establish trust and long-term relationships.

We also try our best to lead the “pro-active health movement’ that is, making sure people are healthy and identifying problems prior to they become a problem and energizing people to stay in line in their fitness and health goals.”

What kinds of treatment methods and treatments do you employ?

“We have a myriad of treatments that all work. It’s about deciding on the best treatment for the client’s individual needs and tweaking things according to your needs in order to enhance treatment, and reduce boredom, both for the client as well as the physiotherapist’s!

Many physiotherapists are very skilled at a single modality and they concentrate on this. However, we’re not like that. We’ll always incorporate training, education, and biomechanical retraining as much as hands-on activities and other alternatives such as massage, acupuncture and pilates. We employ a broad-ranging holistic approach to give the most effective treatment.”

How can you ensure that all physiotherapists at Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy are working to their best?

“To start, we choose the correct characters, and that’s essential.

We also offer our physiotherapists an enormous amount in professional growth and assistance that is far beyond what would be required by Physiotherapy Board. That means they’re always learning and becoming extremely proficient in treatment methods and plan.

To offer this degree of education, it also means that senior doctors are constantly re-learning their knowledge and are current with the recent research. The 60-minute appointments allow physios to be 100% confident they’re offering their patients the best service and work in a completely independent and uninhibited manner. It’s truly empowering.”

You’ve put in place Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy with a very distinct ethos that’s quite different from the standard physiotherapy, from what’s the source?

“When I first started my career 12-years ago, I found myself dragged into clinics that had me working in tandem with clients, typically with between 4 and six clients per hour.

While I developed a well-rounded skill-set but I started to doubt whether this was a moral model simply a way to get numbers through to make money. The actual fixing of people wasn’t the main goal.

In the final analysis, I believe that you must get to work with confidence in the work you’re doing. At Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy we’ve made a conscious decision to put health ahead of dollars. Our goal is to be able to complete the task properly and repair every person who comes to our door.” For more info about – physiotherapy in Parnell.

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