Top 5 Tips for a Smooth Commercial Move

When the time comes to move the office space, commercial warehouse or industrial building There are a lot of things to think about. Storage solutions such as packing, organizing and prioritizing can be an unpleasant process. But there are steps you are able to do make sure that the process goes as smoothly as you can. Take a look at our top 5 tips to an efficient commercial move to save your company some time (and cash).

Tips for Commercial Moving

We all know that moving is among the most stressful tasks that a company can undertake. If your business is expanding or downsizing, or shifting to a better area, your move has to be smooth in time and on budget. It should also be stress-free.

1. Get up early by taking a look at your inventory

The last minute decision is a surefire method to ensure a challenging move. Commercial moves are usually more complex than residential moves due to the larger number of moving components. This means that you’ll require some preparation and time to ensure everything is right.

Avoid common mistakes like:

  • Overestimating the length of your move will take
  • You are not thinking about the impact your decision can have on employees and customers
  • You may not realize the amount of “stuff” you actually have to move, pack, and then unpack
  • Not labeling components and equipment such as laptops, desktops monitors, UPS battery backups keyboards, and so on.
    Commercial moving is more than just moving things to an area that is new. It involves cleaning, decluttering and prioritizing. It’s an excellent opportunity to organize If you can get an early enough start. Check out your business’s possessions using:

Sorting through files on physical media. Consider if you can cut or dispose of old files that you don’t use anymore or scan them and store them electronically. This will reduce the burden and allow you to begin digitizing and reducing space.

Assessing the requirements of your employees as well as the needs of your customers and employees. Are those old filing cabinets having no use? Are the furniture in your lobby disintegrating? Are you shackled to old equipment that isn’t working any more? If you have anything that isn’t needed think about donating or selling. You may earn tax credits, or raise money to improve furniture, equipment, and other items.

2. Make use of spreadsheets, labels and use maps and spreadsheets to benefit

One of the most effective ways to organize the inventory you have and to avoid queries such as “where does this go?” on the day of your move is to label your items! They’re inexpensive and simple to utilize. All you have to do is design an efficient system of organization and label them accordingly.

Label the items with a the color or numbers or colors. For instance, all items which belong in the new kitchen at work can be marked using green labels or “one.” You can make as precise a label as you’d like to speed up the process further.

In the event that you’ve got a multi-purpose area in the new space You may want to utilize numbers and colors. If the item is in the room’s storage closet for multi-purpose purposes make use of the color blue and number one. If the item is in the cabinetry of the multipurpose room choose the color blue and the two.

Create a system is easy to follow in just only a few minutes using labels. It’ll make it easier to to keep track of what’s been packed, what should be moved, and where they were brought from.

Set up your labeling system using the help of a spreadsheet or a map for greater depth. By drawing out your planned space, you will be able to visualize the areas where your items will be placed. This can help you on the day of moving to speed up the loading and packing process. In addition, it helps you decide if a particular space is large enough for the items you’re planning on storing.

Furthermore, using an organized system for labeling this gives you an inventory of your day’s move to ensure that nothing was left to be left behind.

3. Make use of a local commercial movers firm and deduct the costs

Do you find yourself dreading the tedious task of packing and loading boxes onto trucks and driving to unload them, and then unpacking the day of your move? Find a local moving company in the region which specializes in commercial relocations.

Commercial moving can be complicated and can be time-consuming. If you partner with a professional moving company it means that no one must endure a difficult weekend or work extra hours to complete the task. Additionally, the costs associated with moving can usually be used as a tax deduction.

If you’re not an organization that specializes in moving and you don’t have insurance for the possibility of injuries resulting from moving and property damages. Fortunately, a reputable commercial moving firm is covered for such situations. Professionally licensed moving firms that specialize in office relocations are licensed and insured within your state. Avoid risks, cut down on the cost of overtime and ensure your employees’ safety by working with a team of professional, local moving companies.

We’re a prestigious firm operating in the Auckland area that specializes in commercial relocations like yours. Warehouses, offices and other commercial spaces are no problem for us. We are quick and efficient to help you move to save time and make sure you’re stress-free.

Affordable carriers limited has everything you require and we’ve seen everything. We’ve helped move countless businesses to, within or in and around Auckland. This is why we are able to accurately estimate the time it will take and provide a precise estimate of your costs for moving. If you attempt to complete a commercial move on your own can result in delays, damaged items, unexpected costs and angry employees.

Give us a call or send us an email for a free commercial relocation consultation now. We’ve gained an enviable reputation among local entrepreneurs like you, and we’re ready to help. Let the stress of moving by partnering local movers who will help with the heavy lifting for you.

4. Make sure you invest in packing services that will make sure everything is packed more quickly

Before your company can be transported to a fleet of truck or vans all items need to be securely packed. This requires investing in packing materials like boxes, tape or packing peanuts.

If you own IT equipment, such as computers cables, printers and many more, you’ll have to ensure that they are packed correctly to avoid expensive damage while in transit. Be sure to have all the packaging materials to ensure that your move is efficient and secure.

You can also hire a commercial moving service which offers expert packing solutions. Don’t guess how many items you require for packing and instead work with professionals that provide precise estimates. Affordable carriers limited has been making preparations commercial moves for many years and that’s how we manage to get offices and warehouses packed up in a matter of minutes.

We’ve the knowledge and experience to swiftly get your belongings secured and safely packed. We’re also authorized and protected. In the rare instance that something does break during transport We’re covered.

5. Review your storage requirements in advance

Does your business need to expand? Are your employees going remote? Do you wish to reduce clutter? Look into storage solutions to you answer the questions. Create storage solutions that are customized to assist you in preparing the move of your company as well as the growth of your business.

If you’re planning to upgrade or downsize the appearance and feel of your workplace it’s possible to save those heavy things you no longer use (but cannot get rid of) in an area-based storage facility.

If you’re carrying an abundance of goods that isn’t able to fit into the space you have created There is a storage facility near by that will take care of the problem.

If you’re looking to cut costs on commercial rental, but don’t want all of your physical possessions, think about the possibility of storing all your possessions that you don’t require regularly on a separate location. Storage units are usually less expensive than commercial rental.

If you work with a local business such as Affordable carriers limited, your storage facility is within reach for those times when you require quick access to your belongings. Auckland’s top storage and moving company which offers full corporate relocation services such as loading and unloading, packing, and much more.

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