What is ECommerce Order Fulfillment and Why is it Important

The future of eCommerce is the current economy. Many countries are imposing restrictions in order to protect their citizens’ health or even announcing a total lockdown eCommerce is often the sole solution to ensure that the economy is functioning. What exactly is ECommerce fulfillment?

The current requirements for service quality require ecommerce order fulfilment services in Australia. If your customers don’t get the speedy shipping they’ve come to expect and trust your eCommerce business could be put in the background.

What Is Ecommerce Order Fulfillment?

Are you unsure of exactly what eCommerce order fulfillment actually means? Let us clarify it for you. Ecommerce fulfillment is the whole process of fulfilling an order to a client and fulfilling it after the order is placed digitally. We could be an intermediary connecting an eCommerce platform or company and the customers. Storing and collecting products, data entry, separating goods packaging boxes, and delivering the items to the shipping address of the customer are all part of the distribution process.

Ecommerce fulfillment services are offered by a fulfillment service or via an eCommerce company internally. Pik Pak helps direct-to-consumer firms thrive online by offering a an innovative eCommerce fulfillment solution for meet the demands of today’s consumers. Our technology and fulfillment centers allow us to achieve this.

How Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Works?

If you’re brand just beginning to learn about eCommerce fulfilment, you may not know the process. You may not have considered the way that an eCommerce purchase is delivered to your door prior to. The process of selecting and packing orders is just one of the eCommerce fulfillment procedures. Your online store will run more efficiently with the best eCommerce fulfillment companies.

Take your eCommerce fulfillment services as an asset to your business. The complete fulfillment process is comprised of a number of moving elements, from management of supply to selecting the right packaging for the smallest weight in terms of dimensional. It is accomplished in multiple steps. Let us describe the steps for you.

1. Receiving Inventory

You’ll need to keep an inventory of your own before you can even complete orders through every eCommerce platform. If you decide to keep track of inventory within your company you’ll need sufficient inventory available. In the event that you’re outsourcing fulfillment services, you’ll have to ship your inventory to the organization that handles it.

2. Storage of inventory

The storing and organizing of your possessions are referred to as storage for inventory. Storage of inventory that is carried out properly can help keep your possessions protected and safe, while giving you the ability to know what you have in stock to deliver to your customers. The storage of inventory is a an integral part of eCommerce processing.

When a customer has completed their online purchase it is possible that you will need an interim storage solution to store their purchases if they don’t wish to have delivery immediately. In this instance you could consider using the use of luggage storage facilities to get your goods delivered and kept until customers can take them home or get their purchases.

But, it is better to partner with an established storage company. You could look up “luggage storage Australia’ if you reside near Australia, the Big Easy and are looking for storage that is temporary.

3. Processing of orders

The order will be taken care of after it’s been approved by the company. Making selections, or removing products from storage, packaging or getting the packaging ready to ship is essential steps in the process. An itemized shipping document, which outlines the amount and location of warehousing of each product is commonly utilized. It will contain vital information, such as the client’s details and any specific instructions. Additionally, the box needs to be labelled with the shipping label.

4. Shipping

The seller is required to dispatch the order when it is complete and ready to ship. This may involve an excursion to the postal delivery service, or Courier Center or having the item taken by a transporter at the center for fulfillment. A lot of sellers offer information about tracking once your purchase has been shipped. This information you can share with customers to keep them updated about the delivery.

5. Returns

It is essential to be prepared to address any issues that arise when the item is not returned to you by the customer. They could return the item to you or even to your fulfillment vendor which will then be evaluated. The item can be refilled or taken away because of a malfunction, based on the quality of the item and the return policy of your company.

Why Is Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Crucial / Important?

Like we’ve previously discussed that we are on the verge of a change in the way businesses are conducted. Nobody knew what would happen when the virus first struck the world in the year 2020. Consumers and businesses everywhere were trying to figure out how to cope. There was a spike of new customers attracted to the online market because of its ease of use and the shortage of options.

Retailers struggled to keep the categories of products they sell, while services could not meet the increasing demand, as fulfillment centers maintained their distance from the public.

The rapid expansion proved to be a challenge for internal administrators who were shocked by outdated tools and systems that weren’t designed to handle it. Since the time, both retailers and online fulfillment providers have been able to adjust. The fulfillment of e-commerce is now more essential than ever.

2-day shipping isn’t limited to large corporations such as Amazon The right fulfillment of eCommerce can enable you to attain the same standard when it comes to shipping the products. We provide 2-day shipping to across the continental US and the same day shipping. This is the type of service customers have come to expect from us.

Technology advancements not only permit consumers to buy products from retailers that aren’t close to them, but sometimes it’s even necessary. The concept of eCommerce is not new, the process of delivering eCommerce products has grown exponentially over the last few decades.

For example, a variety of software for fulfillment are in development to offer assistance to many e-commerce business owners. The technology is developed to aid businesses in automatizing different aspects of their business.

From order processing, to the picking of products and packing from the management of inventory and delivery Ecommerce fulfillment software will help you increase productivity and help you control your company. It comes with essential attributes that makes it an essential tool for businesses that sell online. It can provide easy-to-use dashboards, multichannel connectivity, secure protocols and many other features that are unique.

With all that stated, only the most modern technology is now sufficient in providing an efficient logistics solution that will help your eCommerce business. A proper fulfillment of orders for eCommerce is essential if you wish to have an excellent customer experience and you wish to remain in the game.

A dynamic and flexible eCommerce fulfillment provider can learn and adapt to the challenges caused by abrupt shifts in global commerce. Choose a partner with a flexible service that is able to adapt to the changing conditions of the world. That’s how you get an advantage in your market by focusing on satisfaction.

However, in addition to all the above mentioned things the fulfillment of orders on e-commerce can be vital in different ways. They could be:

Improved inventory management: Using ecommerce order fulfillment it is possible to effectively manage your inventory. Your fulfillment provider will implement efficient methods of managing inventory, such as the proper storage and collection of information, designed to improve your company’s shipping process.
Packaging and branding that is enhanced: A fulfillment partner will also assist in improving the brand’s image and package. With other employees who are in charge of the preparation and shipping process, you will be able to set your company apart from other sellers who handle the usual processing of orders. In turn, you will be able to provide greater satisfaction to customers.
Improved returns management: With the help of e-commerce order fulfillment, managing returns won’t be a hassle. Your fulfillment service can help in ensuring a smooth returns process, without compromising the satisfaction of customers.


Ecommerce fulfillment is the secret basis of online eCommerce. In order to ensure proper delivery and a high-quality services, you will keep your customers happy. Selecting the best eCommerce fulfillment provider that can cope with the amount of orders that we’ve observed in 2021 is vital. Pik Pak is a great eCommerce fulfillment partner to help you attain the high-quality service your customers expect.

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