Hey — What’s That Smoke? Hide Your Vape Clouds!

Vaping is extremely safe and a fun activity! But most of the time it’s compared to smoking, and even assumed as one. Though the educational and knowledge sessions are rotating the scenario rapidly around, very few do understand its difference from that of smoking. And most of us even love to leave a long trail of vapour when exhaling during vaping, which many people find irritating and unpleasant. Even explaining that it’s vapour and not smoke doesn’t make this attitude change.

That is when you often feel the need to hide the smoke or vapour during vaping. And there isn’t anything wrong in this either. Some people find it difficult to bear that smoke or even breathe through it. And keeping your love for vape distanced from your social duty of not causing difficulty for any citizen should be your prime concern. That’s why we are talking about hiding that smoke today.

How to Hide Your Vape Smoke?

If you want to prevent those negative stares and talks when you are vaping, then you should try stealth vaping”! It’s a technique to hold your vape clouds as much as you can during vaping and help prevent that visible smoke. In the below pointers, you can read about how you can reduce the same while continuing to vape like a pro!

  • Buy Best Vaping kits for Hiding Smoke — The most easy and best way to reduce your vape clouds is to prefer a smaller vaping kit from vape shops in NZ. Vaping NZ has all the various devices available as per your need and preferences at the best rates and quality. If you are using a large, gigantic vaping pod device, then your actions would be quite visible to anyone along with the vapour. Instead, go for vape pens and portable, lightweight pods which can help you get smaller vape clouds.
  • Switch Out of Your Present e-juice — Sometimes, the vape clouds aren’t seen much, but the smell makes it more noticeable and even irritating for some. In this case, you can pick your e-juice that is pleasantly flavoured like citrus, cherry or vanilla one. This would help you in your struggle of hiding the smoke and create a pleasant smell in the air too.
  • Take Small Puffs — This is the best technique to create the least amount of vape cloud — taking small puffs. Since you aren’t inhaling much vapour, even the smoke doesn’t come out more.
  • Life Hacks for Vaping — There are also certain life hacks that should be used in this trial of creating the least vape clouds. You can try positioning the vape in the downward position and try waving off the smoke as soon it’s formed; or simply hold the smoke with your breath for some seconds before pitching out. These help you a lot in creating an interval between the smoke cloud when you are vaping.
  • Use a Tissue or Towel to Hide the Smoke —If you think that the smoke is too noticeable, you can try covering the smoke by holding a tissue or a towel or a cloth.

After reading the above, you are now well equipped with the best tricks and ways to hide the vape smoke from your spectators and avoid any kind of unpleasantness for them.

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