4 Features Only the Best Skirt Hangers Contain

Your skirts each carry a story. They could be a gift from a loved one or a purchase from a unique location. No matter the back story, you want to protect each special piece in your wardrobe and have them wear-ready at a moment’s notice.

The best skirt hangers have a few features that distinguish them from the competition, and it’s important to know what to look for when purchasing the best skirt hangers for your closet. Our guide will help you pinpoint what features your new purchase should contain!

Great Aesthetics

In their simplest form, hangers maintain clothes. But they’re also the one piece of your wardrobe that showcases all of your clothes. You want your closet to look glamorous, just like your clothes!

One factor to pay attention to in a hanger’s overall look is the finish. A dark matte walnut espresso finish with chrome hardware gives a great balance of aesthetics and functionality.

A deep butterscotch with brass hardware, alternatively, has two equally strong clips but a lighter wood grain. For butterscotch, this skirt hanger has hints of brown for butterscotch but compared to the dark matte walnut express you will see a noticeably lighter shade being used. If you’re going more for a more understated look, then a whitewash skirt hanger might be the one to reach for.

Space-Saving Design

The best skirt hangers give you a way to affordably organize your closet by allowing you to hang up one or more pieces on a single hanger.

Because each skirt hanger comes with two grippers, you can use the hanger proper for the coat of your business suit and the grippers for a skirt or matching pair of slacks.

A skirt hanger should be able to do both. The best skirt hangers are designed to hold five pounds or more in terms of load bearing, so you can easily manage a suit coat and a skirt or slacks.

Strong, Movable Clips

When you’re in search of the best skirt hanger, you want something that lasts for years but doesn’t damage your clothing.

Put another way, you need a skirt hanger with metal clips that hang on tightly yet don’t leave behind any imprints on your clothes. You also want to look for skirt hangers that feature movable clips.

Two movable clips on your skirt hangers allow you to adjust each clip to the width of your individual skirts. Obviously, skirts are different sizes and a skirt intended for the office might have much more fabric.

Look for skirt hangers that can accommodate a wide variety of skirt styles too. They should have clips designed to hang oversized maxi skirts, children’s skirts, and shorter skirts designed for the warmer months.


The best skirt hangers are more than skirt hangers because they can support five pounds or more with heavy-duty grippers.

Whether you have a pair of business slacks, pants or a skirt that needs to be hung up, if you invest in luxury skirt hangers then you should have everything that you need to hang any type of garment.

The best skirt hangers are load bearing up to at least five pounds and have grippers that are easy to depress and get on and off. In short, the best skirt hangers give you options and beautify your entire wardrobe.

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