Can You Skip Property Inspection for New Construction?

Getting a house constructed according to your exact specification is no easy feat. Did you know constructing a house involves more than 3000 components? When you’re investing so much time, energy and money into building the home of your dreams, a property inspection is indispensable. 

You must be wondering why even bother getting your property inspected if it’s newly constructed? New property inspections aren’t required by the law, but still, most people get them. The simple reason is that you are yet to live in the new property. It would be highly inconvenient when issues pop up after you move in. 

A home inspector offers an unbiased, third-party evaluation of your property. Your untrained eye might overlook certain underlying issues, but a professional home inspector will inspect every single important feature of your home. Right from the faults in the house’s structure to in-built appliances, home inspectors provide detailed building defect reports identifying any shortcomings. With the help of a professional home inspection, you can rectify these flaws ahead of time instead of discovering them after moving in. 

Let’s take a look at how a New Construction Defect Inspection will save you from future home troubles:

Home Construction is Complicated

As mentioned earlier, constructing a home is a complex process. From architects to builders and contractors, there are a lot of parties involved. Even if a strict code of conduct and workmanship is followed, a builder can’t supervise every single construction activity. With so many things going on at the same time, there is greater leeway for errors.

No matter how closely you keep up with the various phases of construction, you are simply not trained to differentiate the rights and wrongs of home construction. A private home inspector will provide a fresh set of eyes to observe your property. From drainage issues to problems with HVAC, he or she will spot faults that you and your contractor failed to notice.

Prudent and Smart Repairs

No one wants to deal with drilling and construction noises after moving in. Spare yourself the headache and get your newly constructed home inspected by a professional home inspector. It’s smart, prudent and easier to deal with defects prior to moving in.

Minor Undetected Faults Can Become Major

Some defects don’t show immediately. What might seem like a minor issue right now might turn out to be an expensive, time-consuming repair later on. For instance, neglecting a malfunctioning thermostat can have a significant effect on your energy bills. A home inspector specialises in detecting everything from major structural faults to electrical problems.

Beyond the Minimum Standards

The general building codes are important but not enough. The municipal inspectors hired by builders provide an unbiased inspection report, they have the time and resources to just comply with the minimum standards. 

No two home constructions are the same. They will vary depending on various factors including location, buyer’s specifications, environmental conditions and more. A private inspector looks beyond the minimum standards. They thoroughly check out all the crucial aspects of a recently constructed home.

Resale Value

Getting your new home inspected plays a key role in its resale value. If you decide to resell your home, and potential buyers discover defects in the original construction, it will depreciate the value of your house. Also, you would have to pay for these repairs out of your pocket as the builder won’t be responsible anymore.

In conclusion, hiring a professional home inspector to check your recently built property for defects isn’t an expendable expense. While it will certainly require time and money, it will also protect you from costly renovations in the future.

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