Cleaning Windows: Common Mistakes

Slowly but surely, dirt and pollution build up on your windows. This can block the sun’s rays and obstruct your view. Worse, it can cause thick streaks. Poor cleaning can leave behind thick streaks.

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Make the first mistake: Choose a sunny day for cleaning your windows.

Forte states, “Do this job under the blazing sunlight and the window cleaning brush will dry on the hot windows before it can be washed off, leaving streaks that are difficult to remove.” Start on the shaded side of your house if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Mistake #2: Applying cleaner to dirt and dust.

It would be best if you first cleaned the window frame using a brush. By doing this, dirt won’t get mixed with cleaners into a muddy mess. If you notice that your window screen is particularly grimy, remove it and wash it with hot, soapy water. Use a soft brush to scrub it. Rinse and dry it before putting it back.

Forte suggests that you dust shades and blinds quickly with a microfiber brush.

LAB TIP¬†To prevent wrinkles, you can also refresh your curtains by hanging them up in the dryer for 15 mins on an “air-only”.

Make #3: Don’t buy window cleaner.

Spray as soon as possible, even if your windows look particularly grimy. Forte states that you need plenty of cleaners to disperse and suspend dirt so it can easily be wiped away. If you don’t have enough, streaks will be visible.

The fine mist that comes from the bottle stays where it is sprayed until you wipe it clean, which means less mess. Depending on the job, you can check out our top-rated cleaners:

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