Diet or Workout? What Should You Do To Lose Weight

Many people get confused between the two things that are mostly done for weight loss. That is dieting and exercise. In reality, both are good for your weight loss. You can’t really choose between these two as if they are both done together then you will see better results much faster. Not only that you will also have a well-toned body at the end. In an ideal situation, you should do both of them together. 

Still, if you want to choose between these two then there are certain things that you should understand. Weight loss can be done with dieting, but you can’t lose your stubborn fat without workout. So if you just want to lose weight then you can follow a nice diet and lose weight. Although if your goal is to save your muscle mass and lose fat then you have to work out. 

Popular Diets

There are many diets that you can follow but these are the ones that are quite popular and people have seen many positive results by following these diets. Most of these diets are high protein diet and contain protein-rich foods like salmon fish, beef bone broth, and nuts. 

1. Keto Diet

Keto diet is a low carb diet that consists of high protein and high fats foods. The foods included in this diet are salmon, trout, chicken, beef, bone broth, nuts, and veggies. In this diet, you go through a process of ketosis by limiting the carbs in your body. Ketosis eventually leads to weight loss. 

2. Atkins Diet

Atkins diet is a high protein diet. In this diet, you will find foods that are high in protein but low in fats. This helps in boosting your metabolism which leads to weight loss.

3. Vegetarian Diet

Guessing by its name, this diet is perfect for vegans. As you will consume nothing other than vegetables in this diet. Consuming a few bowls of salad helps a lot in weight loss. As it also helps in controlling your appetite.

Workout Routine

If you are overweight then obviously you can attack the weights and start lifting 100kgs on your first try. Here are a few things that will help in building up your stamina

1. Meditation

Start by meditating in the morning. This will help to relax your mind and body. After that, you will have the confidence to move forward.

2. Walking

The next step should be daily walking. You should build up your pace and start running if possible. If you are overweight then avoid it because you will just injure yourself by doing so. Build up some stamina and move to lifting weights.

3. Moderate Workout

Now, when you have a good amount of stamina and confidence its time to lift weights. Don’t go all in just now, start by lifting little and gradually increase them. Do more reps with small weights. This will help in your fat and weight loss. 

Bottom Line

So the conclusion is simple here. If you are willing to sacrifice your muscle mass and lose weight then you should go after dieting. If you want to have a well-toned body with your muscles still there, you should workout. The combination of diet and work out is lethal and can show positive results. 

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