Easy methods using which you can beautify your house

Want to beautify your house and yet, worried about the whooping quotation that the interior designers usually charge? Fret not, while we are here! Follow our tips and tricks that do not even cost a fraction of the amount that an average interior designer would quote! Most of our ideas are Do It Yourself stuff; so, get set for that uber cool transformation of the sluggish looks of your house into an urban chic home!

50 Chic Home Decorating Ideas


The most humblest yet the primary  way to beautify your house is to declutter. Anything that you have not used in the last six months needs to be sent to thrash, recycled, upcycled or better given to the underprivileged. It could be anything from apparel to kitchen utensils or even kids’ sports gears. The more the things you clear, the better your house gets. It also leaves you mentally satisfied of getting rid of the unwanted stuff. Start slowly and steadily and see your cupboards, garage and eventually your house getting more space for your needs than your wants!

Organize the furniture

It is a pretty common sight to have the dining chairs in the bedroom and study room and the bedside table getting transformed into a storage cupboard and the center table pulled to a corner during your last cleaning regime. Take your time off and lay all the furniture in their designated places and use them as per their assigned usage. Place a vase with fresh flowers on the bedside table or in the coffee table for the instant makeover. A neatly aligned furniture layout does instant magic!

Highlight the walls

If all the walls are painted in a monotonous color, try to highlight one wall of your room with a different color. Awaken the artist in you and try your hands on with murals and textured walls. There a  number of youtube videos that can help you with DIY ideas on highlighting a wall. If you want to play it safe, purchase the peel and stick PVC wallpapers and stick them neatly without any air bubbles. Once done, hand on a piece of modern art or your family picture for an even better look. If you can, install focus lights for a classier transformation!

Add lots of indoor  plants

Indoor plants are great choices if you are are looking for an instant makeover to those dull corners of your house. Apart from beautifying the place, they also give you fresh and remove toxins from the air. You can consider plants like Areca Palm, Pothos and Peace Lily that thrive even in minimal sunlight and require next to zero care! Water the when you remember and a dash of compost twice a year and they will be thankful. Compliment their look with trendy vases or even hanging pots (for plants like pothos ) and there you go!

Sand the floors

Flooring is another important aspect that is generally overlooked while beautifying a house. If you have tile flooring, clean the lines between the tiles apart from the tiles itself for that extra shiny look. If you have wooden or parquet flooring, seek professional wood floor sanding and parquet floor sanding to get the job done perfectly. Wood floor sanding and parquet floor sanding undeniably uplift the overall look of your house!

We believe that all the methods that had stated are simple, adaptable and easy to do. Implementing these methods do not consume much time. Get your hands dirty over the weekend and do follow the above-mentioned methods. It is your house after all and why not beautify it and make it a home!


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