Expert Advice: How to hire a truly great painter for your home

I have hired many painters over the years, from Task Rabbit pros to amateurs, for both interior and exterior projects. Despite all my experience, I feel that hiring a professional painter is a hassle. I don’t know the secret formula that will guarantee a flawless job every time. It’s not just me who has shared their painting nightmare stories with me. I was fortunate to find Nigel Costelloe of Catchlight Paint in Newton, MA. I wish I could claim that Nigel was the result of my superior ability to find and hire talented house painters in manurewa. He was the one I called to fix a job gone wrong.

Catchlight feels like old friends after completing several interior and exterior projects at my house. I was curious to know if there was a way to ensure that you hire the best painter. He said that it was a wild west when it came to painting contractors. Anyone can use a brush and be a painter. He explained that there are signs that a company is trustworthy and steps homeowners can take to ensure they hire the best painting contractor for their project.

Step 1: Begin with online research.

Asking a friend or general contractor for recommendations is a good start. My Cape Cod cottage was painted by a talented painter who also painted the homes of my aunt, an architect, and my cousin, both contractors. However, before this painter, I had hired another guy on the recommendation of a friend who owned a similar historical house. Disaster! The paint job didn’t last for two years. Nigel recommends that you research online before you accept a recommendation. Ask your friends and family to rate the work of the contractor. Also, ask if they have worked on houses similar to yours. Modern and vintage houses are two different things when it comes to painting.

Find reviews online.

Google and Yelp lists (mostly) have independent reviews from real customers. It is possible to “game” them. However, Nigel offers some suggestions on what to look out for.

  • Detailed reviews are better than vague or general reviews. The latter indicates that the reviewer has worked with the company. Their detailed descriptions will provide more information about the company’s policies and job performance.
  • Multiple sites have different reviews. If there are inconsistent reviews on different sites, it could indicate that reviews were manipulated.
  • Yelp does not recommend reviews that are too long. Yelp prioritises reviews that have frequent reviews. Non-habitual reviews (a.k.a. The featured reviews will include reviews by the non-habitual (a.k.a. “not recommended”), which can be found at the bottom of each review. These comments are often from clients motivated by a very good or terrible experience and can provide valuable feedback.
  • Responses from the company owner If you have a negative review, you want to be able to get a response explaining what went wrong. A simple “thank you” for a positive review signifies superior customer service.

Please also note:

  • This can indicate a potential problem if a company does not have an online review profile.
  • Brokerage sites that offer referrals should be avoided. These brokerage sites often make money on referrals and not jobs booked.


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