Here are five important pointers which will help you design a custom medal for your next event!

Medals aren’t simply a flat piece of metal, shaped like a coin. They are a symbol of Honour, and everybody deserves to get at least one in his/her entire life. All the people who are excellent in his/her respective field should be acknowledged with one, and participants should be given one to motivate them to perform better. They are also the perfect choice when you want to acknowledge or commemorate a special event or an achievement. Customizing your medals will give it a unique, personalized touch, making the prize even more special.

Custom medals are nothing but deluxe, timeless and one of a kind. Whether you give them out in a racing event or in an employee competition or as merit medals, they are in a league of their own. You could customize your medal down to the very last detail, from selecting the medal material to the shape and the right size. Then you would need to decide on the logo that would go on the medal, whether it’s a logo created especially for the event or a company logo or a community one etc. And finally, you should select the plating colour. In a nutshell, that’s how custom medals are designed — and now you could successfully create your very own custom design medals. Just Badges offers to create a vast range of customized medals for you, including special features and intricate designs as well. They provide you with high quality medals at the most affordable prices.

Tips to help you design your own customized medal

All of us love to receive trophies and awards, right? Getting something physical which you can take back home, that shall remind you of a particular event/competition is always desirable. And more so, customized awards or medals have an even greater feeling to it. They are unique and specific to your achievements, not owned by many others, just like employee or nurse name badges are. These badges too come personalized with your medical institution’s logos and are possessed by only the valid owners.  But, customizing and designing those medals aren’t always an easy task. So, take the help of these tips to make sure that your medal stands out and is loved by all:

  1. Audience: The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is who your audience is. Are you raising money for a charity event, or is it an annual employee event or a sporting event etc. Knowing who your recipients are will help you design a medal suitable for the event and the participants.
  2. Community: Next, you need to focus on your community, as it will help you narrow down your custom medal design choices. You need to find the common relevant point of interest or what brings you all together. You should get a design that makes your event as well as your community remembered.
  3. Nostalgia: A custom medal is a great physical reminder of any event. You could add a touch of nostalgia to your medal to enhance the impact further. You could incorporate bright colours or designs that remind you of your childhood days or maybe resemble timeless and classic military medals. All fun events deserve to be remembered and medals help to do just that.
  4. Modernize: On the other side of traditional, there custom medals having more of a modern, contemporary design. Unusual medal colours, vibrant coloured ribbons, unconventional shapes etc. helps to modernize your custom medal and create a truly memorable medal.
  5. Sturdy ribbons: And finally, when making your medals, don’t skimp on your ribbons. Having a sturdy ribbon will ensure that your medal looks as good as new for years to come. Also, choosing a bright, fun colour for the ribbon, complimenting your medal colour is a great choice.

So, these were some of the most useful tips which will help you put that final touch on your event awards which every single one of your recipients shall love. Design a medal that’s unusual, timeless, and bring to you and your recipients mind the event and the community all in one glance. And be remembered by loved by them for years to come.

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