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The back is the pillar of all human beings.  Without it we would surely crumple to the ground.  The importance of preventing back injuries is predominantly overlooked in our society as a whole.  Chiropractic clinics are as common as grocery stores; you can find one on every corner.  Improper practices incorporated into the way a person sits, stands, or sleep can all affect the anatomical integrity of the back.  As I go to the gym and observe improper techniques used by people, it gives me a definitive understanding of why back injuries are so common. Doing research would help out a person considerably.  In this hyper-paced society that only cares about glamour, profits, and the next Iphone launch, the human body has been put aside for materialistic madness.  Would taking five minutes out of a person’s day be asking too much?  They could even use their Iphone to browse the web and find out the correct mechanics on preventing injuries to the back.  Because once you lose your back, you never come back.

Back surgery has become prevalent as the common flu.  I worked as surgical technologist for a few years at New York Presbyterian Hospital and participated in many spinal surgeries.  The traumatic procedures that are placed on the body during these surgeries are not a pleasant sight.  Once the anesthesia intoxicates the mind, your body is at the disposal of these surgeons.  Once the surgery is complete, it could take months or even years for you to recover, not to mention the amount of prescription drugs you will need to overcome the intermittent pain.  The surgeons and chiropractors make a living off of your misery, which could have been prevented by doing some initial research, instead of going to happy hour. There are many remedies that claim to reduce back pain.  First and foremost, everyone should start by using common sense. 

If a remedy claims that you should hang upside down from the Empire State Building with ropes around your ankles, please notify a friend first should you decide to try something so dramatic.  Remember that a remedy should the remediate pain, not make injuries worst.   Science and the medical field have a lot to offer, when an incident beyond your control happens as in the case of a car accident or some natural disaster.  If you have to means to avoid surgeries and science, it would be to your benefit in the long term. Many remedies claim that they are the best solution for back pain.  Many remedies fail.  It takes a collective effort to remediate any type of pain.  Multiple steps are involved in the process.  It could take months or even years to recover, but please have patience, because in the end it is worth it.  The peace of mind that follows is majestic.  Just knowing that you can wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, take a brisk walk, and be able to put on your shoes without wincing in pain, is truly one of the best feelings in the world

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