Move With Ease: 4 Things To Do Weeks Before You Shift


Shifting can be daunting for many, and this is what drove us to share valuable information with you which will help ease your stress during the move. While you are already struggling to pack your belongings efficiently, there are numerous other tasks associated with the shifting process which makes it even more hectic. However, worrying about it will take you nowhere. That being said, here is a list of 4 important things which you must start acting on weeks before the big day. Read on.

  • Gather the essentials

First thing’s first. The initial step should be to gather all the essentials which are highly essential to make the move. Cardboard boxes, markers, stick-ons, tape, paper and poly bags, scissors and you get the idea. Without these in place, you won’t be able to start with the packing process so get your hands on these weeks before the shift day.

  • Change address for everything

From online deliveries to mails in the box, make sure that you change your delivery address to save yourself a lot of hassle. Doing this on the day of the move will take time for it to come in effect, and if you don’t want to move back and forth, then we suggest you do this two weeks before shifting.

  • Let the new furniture be untouched

If you have ordered new furniture for the new place, it’s better to keep it untouched. With that, we mean that bringing in new furniture in the old establishment will only enhance the level of chaos for you. The best way to avoid it is by keeping the furniture with the seller or in a storage unit and getting it delivered directly in your new home, nice and fresh.

  • Search the new area

You won’t be able to cook the day you shift or even a few days post it. Also, in case you need groceries or dairy products right after the shift along with some medications and other general stuff around the house, where you will look for it? Many shifters don’t focus on this part and struggle after their shift for days. Spare yourself this horror by getting familiar with your new location. Find eating spots, pharmacies, supermarkets and more for ease of living during the tough days.

Now that you know your goals, get started on it if you have only a few weeks left till the shifting day. Also, don’t forget to share this blog with your guests who might benefit from this information.

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