Should you move yourself or hire a professional house mover?


Each and every move is not the same. A college graduate shifting with a bedroom’s worth of belongings back to his home which is five blocks away is totally different when compared to a family of six moving a house’s worth of belongings across a state or a country. When it comes to a graduate, he can stuff all of his luggage into the backseat of his hatchback, whereas when it comes to a family, it is not possible. In both cases, no one enjoys the pain of moving which is why a great majority of people choose packers and movers to help them out. From cleaning out an entire house, packing all the goods, and delivering them safely to the new destination, packers and movers can do it all with ease. Deciding whether you want assistance or not while moving entirely depends on you. But there are certain pros and cons in each state which we will be discussing below:

Moving yourself


  • Total Control: The greatest advantage of moving all the goods by yourself will be that you can be in charge of the entire moving process. You not only get to choose the truck you want to rent but also pack and handle the packing and every single thing. You can plan according to your availability as in when you want to start and end the shifting. Even if you are having bad weather, you can postpone the shifting and chill at your home. You will also have the chance to load the truck yourself without having to worry about the movers dump your luggage in the truck.
  • Save money: If you cannot manage such huge amounts some of the movers’ demand, you can always do a DIY (Do it yourself) move. Even if the new address is 2 blocks away, the demands of packers and movers are the same whatsoever. Movers will also demand all the goods to be packed by the time they arrive. It is not the same when it comes to moving all by yourself. You can pack whichever is necessary or brittle and the rest can be left as it is.


  • Heavy lifting: This is one of the worst things about a DIY move. There is going to e a lot of lifting and carrying heavy goods around. Anyways, lifting all the boxes and goods will definitely not be a walk in the park. Your muscles will get strained.
  • Planning: A DIY move requires a lot of planning and coordination. If you can plan it out, you’re the boss!

Hiring Movers


  • Proper equipment and experience: Moving heavy furniture up or down the stairs can be a tough task. In such cases, professional movers will come with proper equipment such as straps to tie the luggage and get them down. Also, the movers are extremely experienced and your luggage will be in safe hands. Auckland movers are well experienced to help you shift your luggage to your new home.
  • No stress: To be crisp, hiring normally means that you don’t want to take any stress on a moving day. Hiring will also help you save the time and strain in driving a huge truck with all the goods. If the very idea of packing, loading and driving the luggage is tiresome to you, it is really important that you book movers to help you move. You can search for House movers in Auckland to find the best movers near you.


  • Less flexibility: When you hire movers, you will not be able to control the happenings. You cannot plan where to stop and when to stop. It is not possible to control everything according to your likes. For anyone who does not like to give away control, this is not the option for you.
  • Expensive: The average cost of moving is too high. Even if you want to move 2 blocks away, the price is very high and expensive. If you cannot afford to lose money for transport, this might not be the right option for you.
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