How To Prepare Your House For The Winters?


Every season homeowners perform different types of tasks that are related to that season only. For example, the winter is reserved for performing all the indoor chores such as decorations, painting, repairs and the like. On the other hand, spring is used for assessing all the damage done by winter and then prepare for the summer season. A similar thing goes for the summer season as well where homeowners need to perform both outdoor & indoor tasks including repairing walkways, painting chimneys and so on. 

Apart from that above-mentioned actions, summer is also used as a preparation time to get ready for the upcoming winter season. Keeping that in mind, we are sharing some of the top tips on how you can get your home winter-ready – with the help of home inspection in Alamogordo NM services. 

Tips To Get Your Home Prepared For The Winter Season

  • If you have a heating system or a furnace, then the same should be serviced by a qualified company regularly. The time frame that should be followed for the same is – gas furnace should be serviced every two years while oil furnace should be serviced every one year. You can also follow the recommendation provided by your furnace manufacturer as well.
  • If you want to keep your air conditioning units in good condition, then the same need to be protected using a winter cover for the same. You can proceed to cover up your air conditioning system unit that is protruding on the exterior, otherwise, it might get damaged due to the cold winter winds and also snow.
  • If you have a hot water system in your home, then ensure that you get the same checked by a professional regularly – at least once-per-year. This will make sure that the system is working as it supposed to and venting properly as well.
  • Test your water supply for any presence of bacteria. This process should be done every six months.
  • If you have outdoor hoses lying around, then you should drain them and store them away so that the water present in the hoses doesn’t get frozen and thereby damage them.
  • You should clean your roof from all leaves and small branches. Moreover, a downspout should also be tested to ensure that there’s proper drainage inside the home.
  • Look for any cracked wall, caulking windows or doors and any other physical damages. In case you do find the same, be sure to repair them as soon as possible before the winters.
  • Clean your chimneys before the winter season arrives and ensure that you hire qualified personnel for the same as well.
  • Always double-check the smoke alarms and security alarms – and change any batteries if required. 
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