Quick Guide: Driving School Selection


You have crossed the age to officially drive a car. You are excited to hit a driving school. You have started reading Overdrive magazines to find your dream monster. You have made plans to impress that someone for whom you are doing rounds of car showrooms. But, what if you come to know that the driving school you’ve picked is not competent enough. Or worse, what if you come to know that there was a better driving school than the one you have deposited fees to. Choosing the right driving school doesn’t involve rocket science, but one has to have a checklist for an ideal one. Here are some tips before you choose a driving school to fulfill your dream of learning how to drive.

  • Your Driving Instructor

When in school, you quickly understand that everyone learns at a dissimilar pace and that different tutors have their own coaching styles. Learning how to drive is exactly the same. Hence, you have to be careful while selecting the driving tutor. Choose a person who is willing to spend his time and expertise on you while you put baby steps into driving.

  • Choose a School that does not Rush in the Learning Process

Though the classroom quota of the driving program is essential, a behind-the-wheel drill is acute at the same time. Not all drivers are identical when it comes to driving efficacy. Of course, a couple of them will need additional rehearsal in some areas. Make sure the Driving School in Pakenham is not rushing the learning process just because one is done with it, your pace should be considered at your learning place.

  • Location of the School

Location plays an important role in choosing the right driving school. If your residence is a bigger town or a city for that matter, there will be many options in the form of excellent driving tutors near you. Nevertheless, if your living is encompassed in a rather small area of the locality, your choices may be restricted. Don’t be frightened of looking at tutors in neighboring town or city. You never know, that Driving School in Frankston may be an appreciating place for learning how to drive.

  • Car is also important!

You have to make sure your driving school has the car that you want to learn driving. Do you want to appear for a license test in a manual or automatic car? It is essential that you choose a tutor with the exact transmission, specifically if like the most of drivers, you also plan on driving a manual variant when you pass your license test. Do you at present know which car you are about to drive when you appear for your test? If so it may be a good choice to find a tutor with the exact car you are going to use for the license test. With this, you will get a chance to acquaint yourself with the vehicle prior to taking on the roads.

  • Insurance Compatibility

What can be more satisfying than getting a discount on the top of driving lessons?  Certain driving schools offer a discount on the basis of insurance premium. If the driving class is deserving a discount on insurance, be sure to verify that straight with your insurance provider, instead of taking the school’s word for it.

  • The Personality of Your Driving Tutor

The communication between you and your tutor decides how well your driving lessons will go. You both should be capable of discussing points of concern swiftly. A decent tutor will be cool and caring, as well as experienced. They might also be straightforward, although it means telling you things you wouldn’t like to hear, for example, “you are unprepared for your test yet.”

At last, choosing the right driving school is like learning half of the driving lessons itself. Choose wisely when driving school is concerned as your lifetime driving habits will be cultivated here. Choosing the right school, and the right tutor means getting halfway there. After all, driving will be treated as one of your ravishing skills. Happy Driving!

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