Know About A Rough Time-Line Of How The Home Inspection Works Exactly for Buyers


Home inspections are usually a little time-consuming. The exact timeline may depend on the value of the property made by the seller. It also depends on the size of the property. If the property is disputed then the inspection task will always be more time-consuming.

You have to involve an expert team for the entire inspection task. You can search for the top listed home inspection in Honolulu HI. You have to ensure you are selecting the home inspector at just the right stage and time. There is no point in hiring a good home inspection team once you have purchased the property.

The best time to hire a home inspector is when you are made an offer by the seller of the property. But the process of hiring and inspection is very straight forward.

Before hiring an expert

If you came across the property, then the next step is to decide if you are interested in purchasing it or not. If you are approaching a bank loan then you may have to deposit the loan application and fee in advance.

Carry out this process like the loan application fee may not be a big amount. Once this is done you may have to move to the next step.

Hire home inspector

You have to decide if you want to hire an independent inspector or an entire team. This depends on the property size, inspection type, and other details. As a buyer, you may have to make your arrangements to hire one.

When hiring a home inspector you also have to request making exterminator inspection. This task can be done the very next day you agreed for filing a loan application.

Request for a home inspection

Now you have the home inspection team with you so you can make your request for a home inspection. The task has to be done by an expert team. You have to fix the time and date for the inspection. It is best to be present at the site of the inspection.

On the same day, you can request exterminator inspections as well. This step is important for you as a buyer.

Repairs request

Once the reports have been submitted, you are now free to request repairs. You have to approach the seller for making your request. Do not agree to make payments to the seller unless repairs have been agreed upon.

Submit information

If you have the reports now you can also submit all details to the mortgage dealer. The reports have to be submitted along with the details of the repair work. This task will usually take around one week time. After the repairs, you can get the property re-inspected by the same home inspection team.

After the re-inspection is done you can now settle payments with the home inspection team.

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