The 6 most common techniques of massage therapy explained


There are many types of massage therapy, depending on what you need. What are they? Here are the six most popular techniques and methods, along with some benefits.

Effleurage method

This technique uses very gentle stroking motions. The hands are placed flat side-by-side and glide gently over the body.

  • This technique is often used to bookend the beginning and end of a massage or as a bridge between two techniques.

Apply pressure

This can be used to relax and relieve tension from pressure points.

  • You can apply pressure using different parts of your hand, such as the thumbs, palm and space between the thumb and index finger. Massage techniques may not only include the hands but also the elbows and feet.


Massages using rubbing are used to massage the muscles and joints, and to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

  • This deep tissue massage relieves muscle pain and knots. This method uses pressure to target specific areas with circular movements of the thumbs.


Kneeling is another deep-tissue technique that can be used to relax muscles and increase circulation. It helps to reduce tension, aches, and pain. It can be very relaxing and pleasant. It focuses on the trapezius muscles, which are located between the neck & shoulders.

  • Two hands of the therapist move in opposite directions. They use the thumbs, fingers, and heel to move their hands. To make the muscles move underneath the skin, a higher pressure is applied to the muscles. This releases tension.

Massage by tapping

The method involves tapping your body with both hands, usually the back and buttocks, using quick movements. Your needs will dictate the level of pressure you use.

  • You can tap with your hands cupped (only the tips of your fingers and the heel are in contact with skin), or you can rest your hands side-by-side. This technique is used in sports therapy to stimulate blood circulation.

Vibrating (shaking).

This is one of the most popular techniques for therapeutic massage in auckland. It stimulates and energizes both the nervous system and the circulatory system through vibration.

  • The practitioner might place their hands on the body and gently, but rapidly, shake the muscles. The therapist might also push the muscles with their fingertips, moving them left to right.
  • Another vibration technique holds the arm or leg and slowly but steadily wobbles the extremities side to side.


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