Major Tips & Tricks For Using Skip Bins Safely

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving your home, renovating or just cleaning your entire property – hiring the perfect skip bin services has always been a great solution. This is because when you perform your cleaning tasks, you are bound to collect rubbish, which you need to dispose of in the perfect manner as possible.

And to do that, there’s nothing better than skip bins in this regard and that’s why we’re sharing some of the best tips & tricks for using them safely- with the help of skip bin hire in Beenleigh services. 

Significant Tips For Utilising Skip Bins Safely 

  • Prevention Of Fire

Inside a skip bin, you can dispose of anything. However, it should be noted that electrical equipment and electronics always pose a fire hazard. Such a situation also arises for flammable materials, including petrol, solvents and also other chemicals. 

If you want to prevent any occurrence of a fire breakout, you have to ensure that you keep your skip bin almost ten metres away from your main building. Moreover, you should not be disposing of any combustibles or flammable materials. When you see your skip bin getting full with garbage, don’t forget to empty it to lower your fire risks. 

  • Always Load Evenly

The skip bin that you’ll be using should be evenly filled up for collection. An even load will mean that skip bins could lose balance and thereby get tipped over – ultimately spreading the garbage all over the surface. This can be a highly dangerous situation for drivers and pedestrians on the road.

  • Don’t Try To Crush The Waste

In case your skip bin is full, you should never try to compact the waste and try to fill in more waste. As a result, you’ll be exerting pressure on the walls of the skip bin and ultimately, it can lead to breakage. Therefore, always fill your skip bin up to the maximum weight it can hold.

  • Don’t Put Chemical Wastes

It should be noted that hazardous chemicals and materials should not be disposed of inside a skip-bin. Some of these materials include gas bottles, oil, asbestos, batteries, and explosives. 

Hazardous wastes should always be collected and cleared with the help of professionals at multiple facilities. These materials are always harmful to the environment and there are severe consequences of people trying to dispose of them off irresponsibly.  

  • Overloading

You should not be overloading your skip bin. The fuller it gets, the more challenging it becomes to transport. Therefore, it’s always suggested that you load your skip bin up to the weight it can handle or a bit less than the rated weight it can handle.

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