Tiles are the most favored flooring option nowadays. Their huge demand in the market is due to various benefits and good deals. Their resilience and adaptability are also unquestionable. It can be a great addition to any home. Some perks of choosing tile flooring are discussed here.

Easy cleaning

Ceramic and porcelain are undoubtedly the easiest to clean type of floors. If you have children or pets, with this type of flooring you don’t have to worry about stains and scratches on your floor. They are even perfect for kitchens because of the water-resistant property of tiles. You can clean up most of the stains using off-the-shelf cleaning products. Cleaning the grout that keeps the tiles in place can be a little tedious but if you clean it regularly we can save ourselves from vigorous cleaning. Apart from cleaning, no special maintenance is required for tiles. 

Environment friendly

They are manufactured from natural substances like clay and sand. They do not attract much dirt, pollen or dust which can lead to allergies due to their hard and solid structure. Ceramic tiles available in tile shops Auckland and many similar places are made with glass, sand and other recyclable raw materials. Tiles add some coolness to your floor so that we can keep our energy use in minimum. They can also work as an insulating medium during summers.  

Low maintenance

Tiles for flooring are very inexpensive compared to other flooring options as floor tiles in Auckland need very minimum to no maintenance because of their durability and adaptability. It can be cleaned with a simple damp mop or any other normal household cleaning materials. They resist water, odor and dirt. If you want, you can apply a sealer every four to five years in order to maintain the integrity of the tiles. 


Tiles come in every size, colour and patterns. They can practically be put anywhere in a house. Traditional as well as ultra modern designs and even very realistic hardwood designs are now available in tiles. They can give classic to a modern look for any type of room be it the living room or kitchen. They look great in hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms. They are durable and adapt to any type of style you are planning to pick for your home.

Cost effective

Any type of tile flooring is considered cost effective for the benefits they provide. The costs increase with high-end tiles or with complex patterns. Their longevity also adds to the effective use of our money. They are thus considered cheap for the stylish and modern way it can make a place look great. 


The two commonly used tiles, porcelain and ceramic are very resilient and lasts for ages. There won’t be any circumstance where you will be forced to change the flooring of your house. It is a one time investment. If they are maintained properly with non-acidic and non-abrasive materials. 

Simple repairs

If you have a slightly damaged tile, you can repair it yourself. If it is broken or heavily damaged you can easily replace the tile in just a matter of seconds. It is a good idea to keep some extra tiles of the same pattern for this type of quick repairs just in case if those patterns go unavailable. 

Control your home temperature

These tiles are known to keep your floor chill on a hot summer day. You can roam around your house barefoot if you want to enjoy the cool tiles under your feet. It can also regulate temperature on winters. The radiant heat produced by ceramic tiles is enough to feel warm throughout your home.You can also use rugs to make your tiled room feel snug. Sheepskin or deep pile wool rugs are now trending and also looks luxurious on your living area. 

Overall, tiles are a very good investment for your home compared to vinyl, cork or hardwood which need replacements and lot of maintenance works from time to time.

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