How Do Wall Beds Compare to Conventional Beds?


One might say that the wall bed, also known as the murphy bed, originated with after the man who named it William Murphy. Murphy made the folding bed design so famous in the 20th century. Decades before that, foldable wall beds were actually in various structures for a few years before the 20th century. From that period, wall beds have come along quite a long way in the essence of style, complete functionality, and safety. In smaller areas of living, space-saving murphy beds are especially useful. There are few benefits wall beds have when compared to your conventional beds.

Saving Space

In small condominiums and apartments, wall beds or murphy beds come in as an essential component because of how little space they occupy. Even in living areas that require larger spacing, wall bed units come in as handy and exquisitely convenient to have. The vertical space of your walls is not used for the most, and wall beds make the best use of the unused vertical space on your walls. A wall bed occupies little to no space and will not be in the way of movement when you are not using it. It is as easy as pulling your bed out of the wall when you need to use it. Post usage, the bed easily folds up to ease up a significant space of the floor. Wall beds in Melbourne is an excellent place to get your quality beds.


Regulation terms are frequently used to compare to certain types of elements. The wall bed, commonly known as the murphy bed, is because of its industry leader brand value that murphy beds have had for years. Professional interiors, sellers only sell genuine, grade quality wall beds. They are provided with a guarantee for life for the bed’s hardware and its steady, durable design. The wall bed is as comfortable as the regular conventional bed you will sleep in. 

Safety Concerns

Well, safety might be one of the pressing concerns of people who are planning to use the wall bed. One might think how easy it would be to function a wall bed. The spring system within a wall bed is designed with makes the wall bed very simple to open and close. Thus, making it very user friendly and safe to use. 


A space-controlled wall bed comes with a high-quality, efficient coil mattress that is as comfortable as a conventional bed to sleep in. The guests who come to your residence to stay will appreciate the bed quality they will experience sleeping on. A sleeping bag, rolling cot, air mattress won’t compare to the wall bed in terms of comfort.  

Test wall beds in showrooms to feel comfort for yourself. The effortless way a wall bed is put to use to close and open.

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