3 Critical Questions To Ask Your Home Inspector

After several days (or weeks) of house hunting, you have finally found the perfect one to invest in. You took one look at it and knew that this is going to be your new home! But…wait a minute. Do you have a wholesome picture of the state of the house? Do you know how old it is, what is the condition of the various systems of the house, and whether there are issues to be fixed? 

Yes, you need to know all this, but you don’t have to become an overnight house expert.

That is why there are professionals who will come in and do an inspection of the house you are going to move in.

Home Inspection help you prepare for any minor repairs and find any defects or faults in the home’s functioning.

We recommend you be present during the inspection and ASK QUESTIONS to the inspector; even if you think they are silly!

While you might come up with many things to ask about the house, here are a few important questions to keep in mind; 

  • Which Are the Major Problems That Should Be Fixed First?

Many a time, your house inspector will point out certain things in the house that need repairs. While they know what they’re doing, you might not be familiar with the functions of the house. You should find out the priority of the problems to be addressed, which are the major ones that are going to cost more or can cause hindrances, etc. Focus on the big things first and then take the others as they come.

  • Can You Recommend Any Experts to Look Into That?

While house inspectors have a general idea of everything to look for in a house, they are not experts in any one field. If there’s something you need to fix but you do not know how to or who can help you fix it, it’s a good option to ask the inspector for recommendations on experts. Most inspectors have years of experience and can connect you to people with in-depth knowledge about the problem at hand. 

  • What Are the Various Hazards (Fire, Water, Health) We Should Be Looking Out for?

Hazards are a point of concern as they can hinder the home loan process, the home insurance process, or worse, can be dangerous for you and your family. It is important that you figure out any (potential) hazards like hampered electric wiring, gas leaks, etc. Work with your inspector and understand what can be done about it.


After the home inspection, you should have a mental checklist of everything that needs to be addressed right away. Also, be clear on whether the house is worth investing money in. Home inspections will help you figure out most of what needs to be done, but only if you invest your time and commit to solving the problems.

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